Well we just returned from "home" we were so sad to leave and yes already anticipating our return. This was our second trip to CSS. While we love it there we were saddened by a few things...first they changed the "pre-order" breakfast card (you know the one you fill out the night before and leave on your door) anyways it was now like a general "continental breakfast" we were so bummed cause last year we loved filling it out every night and waking up to the knock on the door and breakfast was served. We would just relax on our patio and drink our coffee and eat then go on with our day with no specific time to head out of our room. This year we had to make sure we got up early enough to get down to Pallazina to eat breakfast. Deal breaker? Obviously not but hoping in the future they change back to "old" breakfast menu! Secondly lunch at The Beach Grill was so horrible everyday. And again this was one of our favorites last year. Everyday it was something...numerous times our fries were old and stale, or they came 15 minutes after the rest of our food (and trust me we know how the fries should be considering every night after our walk on the beach we ordered some!) hubby tried the onion rings a few times one time they were hot and fresh the rest sucked. One day I got a grilled cheese (yes I'm a total kid and love grilled cheeses and especially theirs!) but my bread was soggy the cheese wasn't even melted and the bread didn't even have the "grilled" marks on it. Hubby was obsessed with the Sans Souci Jerk Burger, but everyday it was made differently. One day he was given a plain cheeseburger and he told them I ordered the jerk, the waiter said that's what it is, hubby pointed out no carmelized onions, no jerk beef or no jerk sauce. The waiter then just brought him a plate of the onions and sauce. Needless to say we walked away from lunch most days saddened and hungry. Third, we noticed how unfriendly the spa staff was. They walk the beach asking people for spa services and we always politely declined because we had already scheduled our appointment or had the services and there was no kindness to them. Which was so odd because the rest of the staff is so kind and amazing! And lastly while it sounds odd but the in room service nachos (lol I know) last year they were a highlight of our day...after being on the beach or by the pool everyday we would go to the room eat the snack then get ready for dinner, they were crunchy chips with shredded melted cheese and topped with peppers, jalapeños and tomatoes. This year is what the liquid melted cheese (like the kind you pump onto 7-11 nachos) by the time they got to the room the chips were soggy and gross.
Like I said obviously none of this is a deal breaker as we already have our next trip planned but we were saddened by it. We did have a amazing amazing time! My hubby surprised me with a private dinner on Sunset Beach for my 30th birthday, I was so surprised and happy I cried! Our waiter (I can't remember his name dangit!) was OUTSTANDING!!!! He was so kind and friendly and helpful! And our personal chef, Yanika, I remembered this because my daughter is Danika, was amazing also. Her food melted in our mouths! Everything was perfect and the wishing lantern at the end sealed the night perfectly! Those two helped make a night that I will forever treasure! Then there was Bryan at the beach bar at nights. Omg he was great! So funny and full of personality! Always teased me that I drank too much water and when he made me a drink wowza it was a drink! He would interact with the guest so naturally it was awesome! Then Maurice in Water Sports he was so much fun! Took us out on the hobie cat a few times, we loved it sailing through the ocean laughing and having a good time! Joel at the Charlie's bar was great also! He concocted me some amazing smoothies I couldn't wait for every afternoon to head over and grab one! Then there was the pasta station one of the most amazing perks on Sans Souci! We eat it and eat it and eat it! One night we even walked down and ordered some to take back to our room and the man making the pasta sent someone to get us a breadbasket since we weren't eating in the restaurant! It was awesome!!!!!
We stayed in G block this time as from advice on here and we loved our room! Beautiful views and if music was playing at the Piano Bar we could lay out on the lounger and listen! Overall the trip was so memorable and beautiful and romantic that we can't wait to go back! We only have something like 430 days! Hehehe