We're going to CTI for the first time August 18 - 26th and am wondering about the flag service at the beach, or if that's even at CTI. I know some of the other resorts have colored flags on sticks that you raise when you need a drink and someone will come and bring you a new one. Some of the posts even mention once the server got to know what you were drinking they'd have a new one to you each time, sometimes before the first was even empty. I was really looking forward to that, just really raising the phrase "lazing around the beach" to a whole new level! In fact, I've been bragging to my coworkers about this place since March, with that being one of the really cooler things I was looking forward to. My Son and Daughter-In-Law have been there twice now and told us last night that they don't offer this service at CTI, so that's a bit disappointing but also since the beach is so much smaller and the resort right ON the beach, I also know it doesn't take long at all to just go get it yourself, and probably faster. That would involve me getting my butt up and going for a stroll rather than be waited on.... (grumble, grumble)

Can anyone confirm whether they have flag service or not, or is it maybe that everyone just gets their own so they just choose not to use the flags? Please tell me my Son just wasn't paying attention (been known to happen) and they do have flag service after all! Thanks!