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    I'm training for a race and I'm hoping to run a few times while at CSA. The treadmills are open air so no A/C, correct? How is running on the beach...rocky or ok? Thanks!

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    The beach is awesome for running, among everything else. Long stretches of bright white sand, which is nicely packed for running near the waters edge and not a rock to be found.

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    I didn't try the beach, as i am more a beginner runner training for a 5k....and I couldn't last on the treadmills because so hot....but I did run the fitness path each morning (earlier the better). It is a half mile loop, and i did 3 miles many mornings and found it great.

    I thought i would get board with the repetition, but so many twist and turns and different scenery it was perfect for me.

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    The beach is not rocky. There is a walking/jogging path at the resort.

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    Yes, I am pretty sure that the treadmills are open air if I remember correctly. I do know that we took a spin class there and sweat our butts off I ran on the beach every morning for all 3 of my trips to CSA. If you get up early enough, everything is perfect...the weather, the sand (it's not rocky, more powdery - running on the wet sand is easier), the water... If you are facing the ocean you want to run to the left down the beach - you can go a lot further. If you go to the right (towards Beaches) it gets a little sketchy. It is very isolated and you will end up running through a bunch of trees - I never felt very safe going that way. At the edge of the property you will just give the guard your name and room number, he records it along with the time you left. The beach feels fairly safe and quiet early in the morning but no matter where you are, always stay on your defense. I always woke my husband up before I left to let him know what I was wearing and what time I matter where you are, you can never be too safe Be sure to check back in with the guard when you get back to the property so that he knows that you made it back.
    All in all I would save the gym time for yoga and run on the beach! Have a wonderful trip! I miss CSA so much!

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    The whole fitness facility is open air and awsome. We were there in May. It was warm but they have great equiptment. The beach is perfect for running for miles.

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    Correct the fitness facility is open air, no A/C. I'm not a fan of running on the beach, I preferred the treadmill. What I preferred most about running on the treadmill at CSA was that I was at sea level and not 7,000 feet like at home
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    A bit of advice for running the beach: don't take your best running shoes, take an older pair that you won't mind getting wet and sandy. I agree with the above comments about running the beach. Go early in the morning, run just above the water line. You may have a bit of trouble with the cross grade of the beach, leaning left or right depending on what direction you are going. Depends on what sort of terrain you are used to running on.

    Have fun!
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    I love running on the beach as well, but some years (depending on the state of the erosion) there's a bit of a slope that made running very difficult (for me, at least). I really don't mind the treadmill - I'm usually up and exercising by 5:30AM when everything is cool, then I nap on the beach!!

    I read on another thread that a sidewalk is being built on Norman Manley Blvd - don't know about that, but depending on the width, that might be an option (although Jamaican drivers seem, for the most part, to be kind of crazy, so I don't know about the safety aspect)....

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    There will be many who say don't run on the road, but my husband did this without any problem on our trips to both Negril and Ochi.

    Drivers do drive quickly compared to America, but they're used to seeing locals on the sidewalk walking to school, shops, etc. So providing you use common sense and are careful, you should be fine.

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