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    Default Couples Negril Review

    Let me start off with the Bad so we can get it out of the way.

    Check In:
    Check in was a disaster, we arrived at normal check in hours 3:00pm but still had to wait 2 hours to get into our room. During which time when we asked for a status we were told to wait it shouldn't be long. Really not a good way to a honeymoon.

    The wifi at the resort is a complete joke. It only worked in about three areas. Never really worked in our room. This was one of the most frustrating problems the entire week. The staff didn't really care about this issue either.

    This was probably one of the most constant issues. The resort is not really friendly for larger people. There was a few times that comments were made my staff about our weight. The worse was one of the hostess telling my wife that should could not set in the seats at Cassava even though she had been setting in it all week, to make it worse I am larger and he didn't feel the need to stop me from setting. This is something that needs to be resolved.

    Ok enough with the bad lets get to the good:

    We stayed in a beachfront suite and it was AMAZING. I know some people have complained about the rooms not being nice. First off remember you are not at a 5 star american resort you are at a truely Jamaican resort. This is one of the things I loved about the resort. The room was very clean and never had an issue with the room.

    Overall the service was very good there was times it was hit and miss. There is a no problems mon attitude from the staff so if you are looking for the Ritz keep going. If you are looking to be well taken care of and feel like you are important this is the place. The staff is very nice and works very hard.

    Pools/hot tubs:
    The pools are really nice and the hot tubs are perfect. The temp is always great and it is a place to meet other couples while you are there. The pool is always clean and open all the time (though after dark swimming is discouraged).

    The Beach:
    The beach is AMAZING and the staff works really hard keeping it clean and providing the red flag service as well. The chairs are plentiful and should never be an issue finding one. The water is crystal clear and very calm which makes it nice to go and lay on your float. While the pool is a good place to meet other couples it seemed that the beach was the place where you went to get away for a little while.

    What else can I say other than the food is AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. For breakfast the buffet at Cassava Terrace is awesome. Cassava always have a lunch buffet and the Heliconia Grill is always has good "American" food. Dinner: Cassava Terrace food is great and this is where most the nightly shows will be. Heliconia has great food and the service is probably the best outside of Otaheite. Lychee ok let me start by saying I do not like Asian food but my wife convinced me to try it and I will say that it was my favorite place to eat. The food is perfect and the service is spot on. It is also air conditioned which was nice. Otaheite first off remember there is a dress code and it requires a reservation, the service was the best and the food was awesome. The only issue I had was it required a reservation in advance 1 or 2 days but you didn't know the menu when you had to make the reservation.

    Water Sports
    This was a great part of our honeymoon the guys at the water sports hut is awesome. You must try night snorkeling it is probably my favorite things we did. Bubblelicious and Omar are awesome. Make sure you go early to sign up for things as they feel up fast.

    The entertainment was awesome, the best being the steel band drum and all the entertainment staff was awesome. There is always something to do. Make sure to check for the rainy day events at Cassava Terrace.

    The resort and staff is awesome, The few mad things that happened were very overshadowed by all the good. I would highly recommend this resort to our family and friends.

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    I read a VERY similar review on TA! Haha. Thanks for sharing your experience.
    "Brutalize me with music..."

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    Great review .... Love that you didn't let a few bad parts ruins all the wonderful parts of CN. We LOVE LOVE LOVE CN but know that it's not 100% perfect .... Have had a few bad experiences there over the years but 99% has been perfect. I think it says a lot about Couples that they aren't afraid to let the negatives be talked about on their message board along with all the praise. Glad you enjoyed your trip. Trip #7 to CN coming up for us .... Counting the days.

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    Thank you for the review! We haven't been to CN since 2009, and it's good to hear Omar is still there! We sprung for the beachfront suite ourselves, as we are going back in June 2014. Hope it's just as AMAZING as we imagine.

    It is saddening to hear about the comments made about your weight. We come in all shapes and sizes, and Couple's employees should be sensitive to that fact and make it a non-issue. Hopefully management reads this and says something to the staff.

    Other than that, and a couple other things, it sounds like you had an amazing time. You should definitely give Couples a second chance, and maybe try a different resort... We've been to both CN and CSS and recommend them BOTH, even though we've had a few hang-ups ourselves, the good always outweighs the bad!! No problem, mon.

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    That was a good realistic review thank you.

    As CN is our home, trips 6 and 7 coming up, we too have experienced a somewhat lacking effort at check sometimes. Other times it has been good, I would never rate it as great, but I have just come to expect it and it does not detract at all, after all, I stand at the railing and slowly acclimate my senses to the beauty of the beach and pool.

    Wifi is spotty to non-existent at times, and the more people using it, the less bandwidth for all but again, does not detract and you made that point as well.

    The sad part of your review, and one that totally caught me off guard, was comments about weight. I too hope that management reads that and has a learning experience from it.

    The thing is, you still had a great time and would recommend it to others. That is a more realistic review then some on here and as I have always said, you have to have some clouds and rain in paradise, other wise nothing would grow and become better.

    It is good mon!

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