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    Does anyone know where CSA gets their pillows from and if it is possible to order them in the U.S.? I know there have been some threads about people liking the pillows and some various talk about them, but I didn't find any information more than that when I did a search of the board.

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    Love that there's an assortment of pillows on the beds. Hubby likes the large ones; I prefer the smaller. I'm sure you could contact the resort directly to find out where the pillows are from...or maybe some nice person who's there right now will ask for you

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    The pillows at CSS are called "Sleepy Time". I have looked online but have been unable to find them in the States.
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    For anyone wondering, I found out the pillows at CSA are made by Harris Pillows. They are a U.S. company, and the pillows can be purchased online. I'm not sure which exact "model" of pillows they use at CSA, though.

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