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    Hi guy's,

    My wife and I and our friends booked yesterday for Sept 2014 and already i have looked through all different forum's and trip advisor report's. The place looks amazing and i personally can not wait..

    These question's have probably been asked many times so apologies for that, but here goes.
    It say's the golf is free but we just have to hire the caddie? Any idea's on this cost and also can you play even if you don't have a handicap?

    What beer is usually in the fridge in your room, i only ask this because one year we went to Mexico and i was expecting Corona but ended up with Tingaki!!!!!!

    Also looking forward so much to the food....

    Thank's in advance guys.


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    Hey Hodgey,

    Golf is free but I never went. Just too hot for me to Golf down there. One couple we met went and I think it was around 50 bucks for the caddie.

    Bottled Red Stripe is in the room but you need to call room service whenever you need anymore drinks after your pre-check in order.

    Enjoy CTI. We miss it so much and can't wait to return.

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    We had Red Stripe in the mini frig. Hubby ordered it when we pre-registered. Golf while free, can be pricey. Your greens fees are free, but you hire/tip a caddie, pay for a cart, pay to rent clubs, balls, shoes, etc. I think my hubby figured that it would be over $100 for him to play 18 holes of golf when all was said and done. One year, he met a guy and they shared the expense of club rental. When you call for mini bar service, you need to be in the room when they deliver, about 10-15 minutes after you call, and the items come room temperature. I put this on my comment card and I'm really hoping that it changes when we return next year, but we will see. If not, I will just have to order before I need/want anything.

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    Not sure on the golf but they do have Red Stripe in the rooms, even in the fridge they didn't get really cold. It's just as easy in my opinion to go to one of the bars and get a drink or two when you're ready for them.

    Oh and you'll LOVE CTI!

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    I've only golfed in Negril and my 2 cents worth is stay at the resort or find another more authentic Jamaican thing to do off resort.

    Not that I didn't enjoy the caddie and such at Negril Hills, it's just that Couples is called Couples for a reason. And that reason is to hang out with your significant other. Yes, she went to the spa and such while I was at the golf course but I quickly realized that I'd rather spend that 5-6 hours with her than at a golf course that didn't measure up to what I can experience at home. You only have so many hours on your trip. Spend them wisely.

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    hodgey, A handicap in not needed. The free golf will cost you.... Club rental, balls, tees etc... (if you don't bring your own), caddy fee, drink, plus tip and cart if you choose. I think about 75 - 80 dollars. Don't get me wrong, from what I have heard the caddies are very good. You just have to pay for it. The way I look at it, you spend a lot of money to get there, why leave? You can golf at home almost anytime.
    Have fun!

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