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    Default Photos and Recap of CSS - Just got home!

    Hey everyone! My husband and I went to CSS for the first time June 27-July 5. It was a wonderful experience and we definitely hope to return soon. Plus, we would love to go to other Couples Resorts in the future. The staff, the food, and the entire experience was wonderful and SO relaxing!

    I just posted several photos on my blog so I could share them with my family and friends (that includes you!). Here is the link to the photos: Vacation: Ocho Rios, Jamaica - Couples San Souci

    I should mention that I am a professional wedding photographer, and I just brought my camera along for fun to capture our vacation. We will look at these photos for years to come and relive our first all-inclusive experience.

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    The link is not working.
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    Thanks for sharing! Beautiful photos.
    CSS Oct. 2013
    Brenda & Andy

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    Thank you so much for sharing your photos! They are beautiful. We are on our way back for a 2nd visit to CSS in October and just cannot wait! We found CSS to be so relaxing and almost magical. Thank you again!
    Gene and Jeanne

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    Your pics were amazing! We have been to CSS 6 times, but I have always hesitated at bringing my big camera and typically settle with a point-n-shoot mostly due to space in my carry-on (LOL). I am an amateur photographer and thinking of getting a new lens, partly to take more photos next February when we go back to CSS. What was your favorite lens to shoot the landscapes with? I have a nice 55mm that I like for closeups but I haven't decided on a lens option for wide-angle /landscape shots.

    I felt like I was at all my favorite locations looking through your film. I love that hammock!!
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    Amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing! Just makes me want my trip to get here even faster!! Thankfully only 24 days to go!!!

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