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    Default CSA Trip #3 in 2 weeks!

    Okay, can't sleep. Counting down to trip #3 to CSA on July 31st and 6th trip to Couples. Looking forward to another relaxing time. But I'm now in the process of planing a surprise dinner for hubby at Ivan's on Friday, Aug.2nd. Have been putting any a few dollars here and there so he wouldn't miss it and I can truly surprise him on that Friday. Can't wait!
    How can I make the next 2 weeks pass more quickly?? Dreaming of a Hummingbird and a pattie on my beautiful beach, with the love of my life, of course! Everyting is Irie!

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    JEALOUS. That's all I can say. You'll have a great time. If you would please post a review of the dinner at Ivan's when you return (and CSA too {but we know how that will be}).

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