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    Default CSS Honeymoon starting 7/30! :)- Questions

    Hi all-
    I'm sure many of these have been answered somewhere, but I didn't see all of my questions on the first page or two.
    1) How often do the shuttles leave MBJ? And is the lounge one of those 'you can't miss it' or is the airport large and confusing as some can be? (I saw some responses that someone will have a sign with your name?)
    2) Any suggestions for things easily forgotten but that are a 'must bring' or anything to leave behind? I've got sunscreen well covered.
    3) Any room suggestions for the penthouse suites? I know room requests can't necessarily be granted, but it's our honeymoon, so it's worth a shot, right? And does one call/email(?) prior or just ask upon arrival?
    4) How/when do I let them know it's our honeymoon so we can take advantage of the couples' massage and sparkling wine? (Honeymoon Destinations, All Inclusive Honeymoon Packages|Couples Resorts) And do we need an invitation and a copy of our marriage license?
    5) I really would love to go swimming with dolphins and/or ziplining, in addition to Dunn's of course, anyone have any thoughts on either of these?
    And just for fun
    6) Your favorite drink? (and maybe what's in it or what it tastes like)

    Look forward to honeymooning in paradise <3

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    The shuttles leave when all the guests who are arriving at the airport at the same time have arrived in the lounge. Usually a wait is no longer than 20 minutes. The airport isn't that big and is easy to get around. The lounge is also easy to find and no, they won't be holding a sign up with your name on it. That is only for those who purchased Club MoBay passes.

    You can only ask for a particular room at check-in.

    You will need to bring a program or wedding invitation to prove you were married in the past 30 days to receive the honeymoon extras.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I can't answer everything, but here are some of what you asked:
    1) I have never had to wait more than 30 minutes for a shuttle, usually there's just enough time to hit the restroom and change into shorts (we travel from Denver in December so pants are a must). The airport is fairly large in that there is a long walk from the plane to immigration, but there are very few offshoots from the main path so you don't get lost. Once you clear customs there are people directing you to the lounges, and Couples is easily located at the end. The sign is only if you pay for Club MoBay arrivals.
    2) If you have any hair issues bring your own shampoo & conditioner - Couples quality is about as good as in US hotels, which doesn't work for us. If you're doing Dunns River bring your own water shoes.
    5) You can set up ziplining at the on-site tour desk - we thought Chukka Cove was great.
    6) They do a drink of the day that is good if you like fruity rum drinks - I remember the Simple City being good, but forget the other names. They also had a book of bartenders' suggestions last year that had some delicious choices. If you like frozen drinks a dirty banana (tia maria in a banana smoothie) is the standard, I also like the Miami Vice (strawberry daquiri & pina colada).

    Also, you should sign up for romance rewards now. Although the perks are limited your first trip, it does make it easier to do pre check-in to make sure the shuttle goes well.

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    Congratulations ... Is "5:30 Somewhere" ...
    1 Couples Lounge at airport easy to find with shuttles to resort never more than a 15-20 minute wait (relax in lounge with a cold beer while prepping for a wonderful vacation)
    2 No worries for anything forgotten - well stocked gift shop on premises
    3 No bad rooms in entire resort ... Our last stay Of 8 toal at CSS) we enjoyed our time in G12 A (Whoopie Goldberg Suite) Customer Service at front desk also very happy to accommodate all requests if possible.they have proven time and again committed to making this YOUR special time
    4 Any correspondence in advance is beneficial ... We have always pre-registered as a returning Romance Rewards guest (don't know if this is applicable for first time guest) - however any notice and questions should be responded to efficiently
    5 check out local web-sites in advance for any special off site activities ... You can book activities from tour desk in lobby at CSS while at resort
    6 Dirty Banana ... Frozen concoction that is like a little bit of heaven between your cheek and gums... And of course - The infamous Bob Marley.

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    I can answer a few of these.

    1) The lounge is easy to find. As soon as we came out of the security area; someone asked where we were going and directed us straight to the lounge. You just turn left and will see it right away -- big and green We only waited 5-10 minutes before our shuttle left.

    2) Water booties if you are climbing Dunn's river falls, insulated drink holders (we asked the bartenders to fill them with water, so that we could stay hydrated and cool while relaxing at the beach all day), ginger pills or non-drowsy gravol if you get sea sick

    3) We stayed in an oceanview room, so I am not sure about penthouses.. sorry! We requested G-block through our online booking before we arrived (also our honeymoon), but almost everyone was on their honeymoon haha We ended up in F-block for the first two days, and then switched to G once someone else had checked out. The resort was at full capacity - July 1-8.

    4) I am not sure about the sparkling wine (they left us a cheese plate instead). As for the massage, you book it at the Charlie's Spa reception and do have to bring a marriage certificate or invitation as proof. Bring it when you book the massage and also on the day of the massage as well.

    5) We did not do either of these, but they are both right near Dunn's river, so very close.

    6) Easy question... Seduction (pina colada/orange juice/pineapple juice/mango mix/coconut rum), Frozen Bikini (vodka/peach schnapps/mango mix/orange juice/sweet sugar), and the Blended Fruit Punch with coconut rum added (banana/pineapple juice/papaya/mango mix/grenadine)

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    Hello and congrats on the marriage!!! I have never been to CSS but I went to CN for my weddingmoon. I will answer to the best of my ability
    1) MBJ lounge is very easy to find. It is in an area that is basically one huge room with little resort lounges around the sides. There are also people to help guide you, but you really don't need it, you can spot it easily! We went on the CN/CSA shuttle and I think we only waited like, 30 minutes before it left.
    2) Conditioner for your hair (I also brought leave-in conditioner to help with the sun and salt damage)
    3) No answer for you here
    4) I think the honeymoon thing might should have been discussed with them earlier, but I am not sure about that. I would call Couples and ask. I do think they need to either see or have a copy of your marriage certificate. Again, I think I would call couples unless someone else here knows.
    5)No thoughts - we didn't go off the resort =)
    6) Purple Rain, Miami Beach, Rum Cream on the rocks

    You will have a blast!!

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    very helpful, can't wait!!!!

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    MAKE SURE TO CALL THE 1-800-COUPLES NUMBER to let them know your arrival time. This is a somewhat new addition, and was posted as a permanent sticky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonegril View Post
    MAKE SURE TO CALL THE 1-800-COUPLES NUMBER to let them know your arrival time. This is a somewhat new addition, and was posted as a permanent sticky.
    Hmmm? I thought the romance rewards check in was sufficient, and couldn't find the sticky you referred to.

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