In light of recent conflicting reports, I had to do a little research. Any time someone is overly enthusiastic about how great their trip was or overly critical, I tend to do a little background research to see what the deal is, whether here or on TA.

On a thread that was recently closed a repeater had two posts that piqued my interest, because of something I read in two different parts of the MB:

"I think (Resort) has changed. Please see my post (Post Name)."

followed by:

"Things have changed so much at (Resort) that we are considering cancelling our next three scheduled trips."

Just moments before posting the first comment, the same person wrote on a meetup thread:

"(Name) and (Name) will be there from (Hometown). We just left July 6th and can not wait to return."

I left all the specific info out, because I'm trying to point this out respectfully. There is a ton of conflicting info out there and when we first went to Couples in 2007, all we had was TA and a couple smaller Caribbean review sites. Maybe the fact that we had no prior expectations is why we love our resort so much and keep going back, but if anybody ever says "ritziest ever", "grungiest ever", "disappointed", etc., do your homework. These trips are not cheap, in general, and for those of us who aren't retired and have young kids at home, sometimes even once a year is tough to pull off. Couples is what you make of it, but I'm pretty sure nowhere in the branding does it make a guarantee that you will like it. In a room of 1000 people, you will have 1000 different opinions. The MB can be an especially volatile place, because there are so many repeaters that feel Couples owes it to them to never evolve and always keep things the way "they" like it. It's a business and without proper management, it would be a lot worse. Not all of management's decisions are always going to be spot-on, but at least they are making the effort to actively manage, and keep as many people happy as they can.

Sorry for the rant. Just a happy repeater with realistic expectations.

No worries here! Can't wait for our fourth trip back!