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    Default CSS remodel update


    We are headed back home in June of 2015 and wonder what rooms are being remodeled and what the status of the remodel is?

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    From one of my friends which were there, she said that many of the BFVS' are done and the OVS are complete. Other ones are still being renovated at this moment. My apologies, I did not realize you were asking about CSS, specifically. But I can vouch for CSA and CN.
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    We just got back 3 weeks ago and at the repeater dinner they went over the remodel plans. The plan currently is to start the full remodel of B block in April and it will last through April, May and June. Then they will begin A Block renovation in July and it will last July, August and September. So that means next year during that 6 month stretch that Couples will be down 36 rooms.

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    Wow, I wonder how that will impact the resort, meals etc....

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