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    Default CSA room renovations?????

    Hi all! So, is there any update on the room renovations that someone mentioned months ago? Has anyone stayed there recently and seen any activity that would indicate updates are happening? I appreciate any information that I can get. Randymon, maybe you can shed some light on this? We are leaving in a couple months and bringing 3 couples that have never been to any Couples resort. I'm hoping that the rooms have gotten a facelift. Do tell.

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    Anybody.....anybody....???? bump

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    Not when we were there in May!

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    I was there the second week of July. We did not notice anything. Definitely no renovations going on in the Great House.

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    A member of CSA management posted a response to a review on TA that basically stated that room renovations involving bathrooms would begin in August.

    This response also mentioned that there would be some sort of portable terminal implementation to help alleviate check-in delays.

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    Thanks everyone! We will be there in October so I wanted to see if they were going to happen before we went. It looks like they'll be nice and updated a month before we get there. Yay!!!

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