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    Default Transfer time CTI v CSS?

    What is the transfer time difference from Sangster to each of these resorts?

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    5 to 10 minutes. CSS is the closer of the two.

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    About and hour and half to CSS and CTI about 10 more min . Always depends on if you stop on the way and how fast your driver goes.
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    Around 1 hr 15 - 1 1/2 hrs to CSS...its about another 10-15 min to CTI. The bus ride actually goes quick. We enjoy looking around and listening to Bob Marley on the way.

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    Depending on if your driver stops on the way or not you could get to CSS in 90 minutes and to CTI in about 95.

    Really, there's not much difference. The bus stops at CSS first, then CTI. The time difference is 5-10 minutes, not much at all!

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    CTI is about 15 minutes past CSS. Most of the time we have gone there have been couples for both resorts on the bus. It stops first at CSS for a drop off and then continues on to CTI.


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    Very close to 2 hours depending upon traffic and how long you stop for bathroom break

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    CSS is the first stop on that side of the island. It took us roughly 1 1/2 hours each way. From speaking to others, CTI is about 5-10 mins past CSS.
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    These 2 resorts are within a 5-10 min drive from each other. Both take about an hour and a half to an hour forty five to get there from sangster intl. depending on your driver and stops along the way.

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    CTI is about 5 miles from CSS.

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    No more than 20 minutes. CSS is on the far side of Ocho Rios from the airport, CTI is on the near side.

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    5 min
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    Basically the same. Each are about 1.5 hours from MBJ.
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    The two Resrt are about two miles apart, if that. Less than ten minutes difference. CSS is first then CTI.

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    5 minutes...give or take a couple.

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    CSS drops off first. About five minutes later you're at CTI.

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