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    Default Struggle with Beds at CSA

    We have been to CSA twice and both times we stayed in a Beach Front Atrium Suite (2010, 2012). We love CSA. Our one big issue is the bed. It's so hard that as the night progress our bodies get more and more sore. We are returning to CSA in a premier beach front suite next year (2014) and I convinced my wife to extend from 5 nights to 7 this time around. The only battle I had to fight for 7 nights was her being concerned about 7 nights in a hard, hard bed. Has anyone else struggled with this and does anyone know of any plans to address this?

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    Sorry, this is not an answer to your question, but we sleep like babes in our Atrium suite at CSA. We find the beds just perfect as they are. I suppose it all depends what you are used to at home.

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    I think Goldilocks comes into play here. We have a Heavenly Bed at home, and find the CSA mattress softer, but still wonderful! Guess it depends on what you're used to.

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    We've never had a problem. My advice, 2 words.........more rum !

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    I, for one, hope the mattresses at CSA stay the same. My back needs a firm mattress. I can't get a good night's sleep otherwise.

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    We always have stayed in the premier beachfront suites and we think that the bed on the soft side. We sleep like babies. We did like the original comforters over the newer “scratchy” ones that they have now.

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    I know on cruise ships you can ask the room attendant for a foamy mattress to put on top of the one already there. Maybe they have those available for you to use. Call the resort to see what they say. I personally love the beds, but I like a nice firm bed. Good luck.

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    Had the same issue at CN last year. Going back this year for two weeks so very concerned.

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    Love the beds there.

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    Possible the camping sections they have light weight foam bedding.

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    Some people enjoy firm beds. We never had an issue.

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    Just the opposite, we have had rooms where mattress was on the soft side. you can soften a hard mattress, ie extra mattress pad or foam topper, but there is no good way firm up a soft one. Putting a board under does not do the trick.
    So please no pillow tops.

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    No such room category as a beachfront atrium but I do agree, all the beds are very firm. I do wish they would change the matresses. I like a little firm but they are too firm imo.

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    I prefer to sleep on a hard mattress. But I think it would be plausible to bring your own foam down - it is extremely light in weight, albeit bulky. wonder if you put it in a space bag would it reduce to the size of a matchbox? Just some out of the box thinkin' goin on here.

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    The beds at all the Couples resorts that we've been to (CN, CSA, & CSS) have all been the same & we both find them VERY VERY comfy so hoping they don't change them .... Yes, they are very firm but I've never slept in a more comfortable bed so guess it just depends on the person ..... We always talk about the fact that we wish our bed at home was like theirs.

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    The stone hard bed is my only complaint with CSA....I have back problems and by Day 2 I'm usually pretty much incapacitated when I get up in the morning - takes me a while of stretching and a workout at the gym, then I'm OK. I read in a previous season that pillowtop coverings are available for the mattresses - not sure of how well these will work (or whether they'll just make sleeping hot), but it's worth a shot. Otherwise, she could maybe pop an ibuprofen at night and in the morning, or just drink a lot of rum!!

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    In truth, we've never found the beds to be of the exact same firmness. It's like Goldilocks and the three bears. Sometimes our bed will be a little firm for our tastes, sometimes it will be a little too soft, and sometimes it's just right. Hoping that your bed will be just right during your next stay.
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    We had the same problem at CN a couple of years ago. We found out that they have mattress toppers available if you request one from the front desk and housekeeping will bring it up and set you up.
    93 days to CB.

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    We've stayed in all of the room categories at CSA over the years and I can't say that I've noticed any difference in the mattresses. Of course I like a firm mattress. Perhaps you can talk with the housekeeping staff to provide you with an extra comforter or two. Have them put in under the bed sheet and you've created you own pillow top mattress! There should be no reason not to enjoy a 7 day trip at least twice as well as a 5 day one.

    Back to CSA in October.

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    We have had issues with the beds at other resorts, but not at CSA we actually love the 3 beds we have stayed in. I would suggest if you have trouble the first night call the front desk and explain your issue to them the very next morning and ask if they can move you.
    If that doesn't work and you don't like the second bed also, might I suggest a full day of activities, fun in the sun, two good rum drinks about an hour before bed, followed by two aleve, a bottle of water, then a bathroom break, lol, and off to bed. You will sleep like a baby. Repeat the next day.

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    Hmm. I remember the mattresses at CN and Swept Away were not the same as the one at home, but I sleep better there then at home. I think because of all the Rum Cream, Rum and Crown Royal, not to mention Red Stripes I drink through out the day and evening. 98 Days and a bag drag to Swept Away.

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    I have the same problem at CN. After a few days, my lumbar and hips are killing me from the bed Housekeeping used to provide feather bed toppers, but when we were there in December I was told that they no longer carried them. Keeping my fingers crossed for this next trip that they have the foam toppers.

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    Our bed in our GVS at CSA was very big and comfy! We were in the newer section!

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    I actually called a friend that was at the resort 2 weeks after our last visit in May and aked him to pull the sheets off his bed and tell me what matress was on it. He did and I am now a proud owner of the same matresses they have at the resort. I sleep like a baby now!

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    Waynel- can you please tell us what brand it is, Matt and I would really like to know.

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