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    Default CSA Wine - NOT "Whine"

    Wife enjoys the grape v. beer or umbrella style drinks.

    We know the finer dining - Feathers - will have it's own selections, but she's curious about what's available at the beach bars?

    Anyone who is there or was recently please advise if you can.

    Thanks !

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    The beach bar had the standard White Chard, Champs, and Red (not sure what type) that is throughout resort and in room.

    I too prefer the grape over all else, and although the wines they offer are not something i would buy at home, its more than fine for drinking on vacation.

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    When we were last at CSA (2 years ago), they were serving a pretty bad Chilean house wine. The red was very high in tannins and (for me) undrinkable. The white was pretty bad as well, but tolerable if REALLY cold....Plus the wine / sparkling wine served at the beach bars is never served at a decent temperature - in my opinion, she'd be better off with water during the day and switching to wine / sparkling wine at night....

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    In February the house wine at both CN and CSA was Italian plonk. I found it very drinkable - the red had much less tannin than the Chilean Cab Sauv they used to serve and the white was drier than the Semillon/Chardonnay of past years.

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