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    Hubby and I have done the puddle jumper many times in the past but may do the bus this time around. From others experience, do you tend to have to wait around a long time in the Couples lounge at the airport for other guests to arrive and how long is the bus trip? Anxious to get straight to the resort!

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    We waited longer for our Tim Air flight than we've ever waited at the Couples lounge for the van. Tim Air had booked another couple (unknown to us) on the same plane as ours to Negril. We booked the Club Mobay arrival service and the other couple did not.
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    In our 3 trips, we have never waited more than 10 minutes...and that is usually because we sit at front of plane so most times are first to the lounge. Its really just enough time to use restroom, change, grab a drink, and off we go.

    We have considered taking the flight before, but I have heard from other you really are not saving that much time.

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    We only waited about 10 minutes last year, just long enough for one cold stripe. The ride to CSA was about 1.5hr including a pit stop for another stripe and the stop at CN.

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    We haven't ever waited long - around 15-20 minutes max. Just long enough for a Red Stripe or two The length of time depends on which resort you're headed to. The resorts on the Negril side are a little shorter rides then the Ocho side. We go to CTI and it takes 1 1/2 to 1 hr 45 minutes to get there. We love the drive and listening to Bob Marley on the way.

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    Default Transfer

    Anxious to get to CN my wife and I flew TimeAir from MoBay upon arrival and shuttle back to airport. After we got through immigration and customs we made our way to the TimeAir checkin the person at the desk thought we wanted a shuttle until a rep from TimeAir walked up and immediately announced our names and said 'we have been looking for you', which was awesome, made my reservations months ago. He walked us to the Couples Check-In encouraged us to get a beer, he took my bag and we walked to TimeAir. This is about a 5 walk because the desk is at the Departures. We did our transaction in 5-10 mins, they took our bag again, went through security as the cesta was being prepped. Eventually we did our plane photo, pilot gave us instructions and we were at CN in 20 mins. got some great aerial photos and video. CN is right next to airport, taxi $5-10, to CN lobby. No party mon!! Total time 30 mins. Leaving was exhausting!! The CN shuttle was supposed to leave at 10:00am and was 30 mins late!!! Not sure how often that happens. We were getting pissed because the security and departures lines are slow at MBJ and we were suppose to be there 2 hrs prior to flight. CN grabbed a new shuttle driver from nearby and he got us to the airport in 1.25 hrs. I kept telling my wife we should have taken TimeAir back!! When we go to the airport our flight was delayed 3 hrs. Whether we took Time Air or not we would have waited. Most people complain about the drive and motion sickness. My wife took dramamean and wish she didn't, the drive was not as bad as people say. I have never been outside the resort and the shuttle showed me different perspective of the country of Jamaica. The driver played some Bob Marley, I videod the drive and the people along the way which I could not see from the air. We saw plenty of crazy drivers, goats, horses, scenic views, and images of Jamaica good and bad. Your call.

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    Expect a 10-20 minute wait before an 1:15 to 1:30 drive (depending on traffic and if you make a pit stop on th eway to the resort.)
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    We've never waited more than 15 mins, and one time, we barely had time for the bathroom and a beer. You almost want the 10mins to slow down after going through customs and stuff. We usually check-in at the desk, use the restroom, grab a beer, and head out to the van. We only stopped at the jerk stand once, the first time, and the total ride with the stop took 90 mins. Last two times, nobody wanted to stop and it took 75 mins. Not sure how much time goes by between customs and actual takeoff in the puddle jumper, but someone recently posted that they took TimAir and arrived at CN at the same time as some people they were on the same plane as, who took the bus. In November, we thought about taking TimAir for the first time just for a change of scenery, because, even after only three trips (and the zipline excursion), I feel like I could give the guided tour on the bus now!
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    We didn't have to wait long in the lounge. The time to the resort varies based on the number of stops the bus makes for either a mid-point Red Stripe or for picking up and dropping off of friends of the driver. Also, if you are at the first drop off or the second (CN is dropped off before CSA) . Hope this helps.

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    We've never had to wait more than 30 minutes at the Couples Lounge before heading out to the resort. It takes about 1.5 hours to get to the Ochi resorts (CTI/CSS) and about an hour to get to those in Negril (CSS/CN) best we can remember. As Red Stripe skews time perception we may be wrong but are sure someone will correct us. Enjoy the ride with a refreshing, cold drink and leave the driving in Jamaica to the pros!

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