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    Default Running on Beach - CN

    We'll be at CN for the 1st time (5x CSS, 1x CSA) in a couple of weeks and was wondering how the beach was for running. How far from end-to-end, what the sand was like, etc. Looking forward to a morning run followed by a dip in the sea.

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    You've got about 2 miles on bloody bay. You can head in one direction, run to the end, and then turn around, pass CN and run to the other end again. If the tide is out, it's a fantastic run on nice packed sand. If the tide is in, it's a little more of a workout, but definitely still runnable.

    We stay at CSA, and love the beach for running there as well. Enjoy.

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    Although the entire Bloody Bay may be about 2 miles, I've found the runnable beach to be closer to 1.3 miles. Distances North and South depend on where you start on CN's beach, but from the approximate middle - straight out from the pool bar, I've logged 1.1 miles to the North, ending at the fence on the border of the ClubHotel Riu Negril and .25 miles to the South, ending at the rocky part of Grand Lido beach. There is actually a bit more beach on GL property further to the South (their AN beach I believe) but you'd have to go up and over the rocky part crossing the GL property. You can make several loops to get in a longer run. I don't think you could ever be bored running that beach and I've seen runners pass 5 or 6 times.

    As Vee said, the tide can alter the flatness a bit, but it has always been easily runnable. Also at certain times the beach by the undeveloped portions can be up to 20 yards wide or only a few feet from the trees (meaning you get a workout zig zagging around the trees at the shoreline in that area). Either way it is a nice run and a great way to start the day.

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    I got up every morning at 7:30 and ran the length of the beach, I suspect it is about a mile and a half, followed by a long swim. I was a wonderful experience. Can't wait to do it again.

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    Thanks for the replies/information. One more question, any concerns about running barefoot?

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    Running barefoot you don't have to worry about rocks etc. much, but I still run in shoes most times. I tend to get blisters on my toes if I run every day barefoot. Something about the fine sand and the way I run causes them. If you run daily, I'd recommend alternating shoed/barefoot until you know whether or not you'll blister.

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    If you do a lot of running I would not recommend running barefoot. You really need good arch supports. The beach is soft enough to enjoy walking or short runs barefoot but running barefoot when you are used to running in shoes could hurt your feet.

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    I ran on the road from CN>CSA>CN. Roundtrip is 5 miles. I would go early (~6:30 a.m.) so traffic was light. Remember to run on the right side of the road as they drive on the opposite sides than the States. It is a safe run with wide shoulders.

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    [QUOTE=Bert;133146]I ran on the road from CN>CSA>CN. Roundtrip is 5 miles. I would go early (~6:30 a.m.) so traffic was light. Remember to run on the right side of the road as they drive on the opposite sides than the States. It is a safe run with wide shoulders.

    As a single woman, do you think I'd feel safe running this route along the roads. Honestly, I wasn't going to run outside of the resort but I'd love to do it. I just don't want to risk my safety. Are there sidewalks to run on or you have to stay on the road? Do locals hassle you while you're running? Not sure my husband would go for me running outside the resort but I think it would be so interesting. It's not something I get to do everyday! 5 miles is the perfect distance for me.

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    I would not recommend running barefoot. I run a bit while on vacation (not my normal level due to SCUBA). When we walk the beach in the a.m., we do find some bottle caps and sometimes bits of broken glass. Not a lot, mind you -- but still not a good thing to find with a bare foot. Depending on the time of year you are there, the tide may come in a bit higher, driving you up into the trees. Watch out for low-hanging branches and assorted refuse near the Office of Nature and public beach area. Another reason not to go barefoot. The bonus of wearing shoes is that you will find a bit of Bloody Bay sand later when you're running back in the real world.. (that always gives me that "ahhh, Home".. feeling).

    Missincn -- there are no sidewalks on the road. The shoulders are very wide. We've walked most of that section before (walked back to CN from our Trading Spaces trip) and it should be very safe early in the morning. I would be still be very aware of the traffic.

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    I think it is perfectly safe. The roads have rather wide shoulders. There is enough traffic on the road that you really won't feel isolated. Much of the route is past other resorts (though there is a rather long section past the public beach that is rather rural). I don't see a lot of other runners when I go out, but some...and some single women, too.

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