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    Default How dressy for women for dinner at the restaurants at CSA?

    Are sundresses okay at the Palms and Patois and cocktail dresses needed at Lemongrass and Feathers? Just trying to plan which dresses to take for our trip at the end of July. Do you usually pack one dress per night? I'm thinking that might work best with the heat and humidity in July/August? Thanks!!

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    I was wondering this myself... Glad you posted.

    SOON, stolly, SOON! Our end of July trips are almost here!

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    Sundresses or cocktail are both fine. I've also seen nice shorts or crops with a nice shirt, but I find it nice to dress up a little bit in the evenings.

    I try to pack light and especially is I am going for 10 nights. I will wear a dress twice. You aren't in them very long so they don't really get dirty or stinky.
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    Sundresses are fine for any restaurant for dinner. All I pack are a couple skirts and tops for a week. I'm just not in them that long.

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    Yes, sundresses are great at the palms and as far as the other restaurants for dinner you usually see a wide range of dressiness (is that a word?). I think it's fun to get dressed up for dinner but you certainly don't need a cocktail dress. Just a word of advice, our first trip I completely overpacked. The only things I really wore from my suitcase were swimsuits and cover ups during the day and dresses at night for dinner. We didn't do any excursions off the resort, but for staying on the resort you don't need much else.

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    I take nothing BUT dresses...very casual for breakfast and lunch; dressier for dinner. Also very light and easy to pack. Yeah, I take one per night for dinners. Women can wear a dress with nice sandals in any restaurant. Sadly, some people wear sloppy shirts, shorts, flip-flops... I like to look nice

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    Sundresses are definitely okay for the Palms & Patios. A little nicer dress would be okay for Feathers & Lemon Grass. Keep in mind that Lemon Grass is outside, so make sure it is a comfortable dress you won't get too hot in! I took one dress per night with a few extras & that was plenty!

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    Hi Stolly -

    No real need to go with fancy cocktail dresses - nice sundresses will be comfy and perfect for all of the restaurants! I tend to bring a selection, because I like to have some choices....I also bring heeled sandals to "dress up" my sundress for Feathers. You may also want to bring a shawl or sweater for Feathers - this is the air conditioned restaurant and sometimes it's chilly.

    Make sure your partner brings closed toed shoes (although maybe that's not necessary at Feathers? I think they may be fine with nice sandals now) as well as a pair of trousers and a collared shirt (again, for Feathers). A nice pair of shorts is fine for the other restaurants.

    Hope you have a BLAST!!!!

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    You will see everything from dressy capris and tops to very nice cocktail type dresses. Most fall in somewhere in between . Personally, for the few hours you wear the dress, you probably can wear one several times since you won't be going to the same restaurant every night and several of the restaurants are quite casual. Remember the restaurants where the more dressy clothes are worn are air-conditioned, so humidity and heat are not an issue. Up to you since you will have a great time either way!

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    Heat and humidity, you've got that right! Only my personal opinion and experience, but sundresses are the way to go. I've worn sundresses to Lemongrass and usually a cocktail dress (nothing too fancy) when dining at Feathers, but I've seen people in sundresses there too, and there's nothing wrong with that. We stay for ten days and I pack 8 or 9 sundresses/dresses total, I never worry about what I'm wearing on the sad goodbye day because I don't care how I look. I look sad! Probably, like most of us, you will spend your days in a swimsuit and cover up. Enjoy your vacation! Only 104 days left for me until CSA. Soon come!
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    I bring 4 dresses for dinner for 8 nights and wear each one twice. They are all dressy sundresses in that lovely spandexy material that doesn't wrinkle. You don't need cocktail dresses unless you want them.

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    Hi There,
    Sundresses are perfectly okay for Patois and The Palm. They could also be worn at Feathers and Lemongrass, it really depends on how casual the look. It is chilly in Feathers due to the AC, so a nice jacket or shrug, to where over top of it, can be helpful. Lemongrass is on the top of The Palms, it is warmer at this restaurant. If you have a cute pair of heels, your sundress should work fine. I would pack one cocktail dress and wear that at Feathers, even one night. It is a dressier, nice place. As for the number of dresses, maybe 5-6. You can iron them in the room, should the become wrinkled. I'm a bit of a clothes horse, so more is more. Hope that helps!

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