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    Default Rewards Program Question and afew others :)

    42 days until we go to CSA for our honeymoon and we are staying for 14 days. does this qualify us for anything or do we have to go back a second time before we get any "special treatment"? Also, any packing advice would be greatly appreciated, I CANT WAIT!!!!

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    As a romance rewards member on your first trip, you can sign up to do the trading places day at the sister resort (nice perk)!. Then on future visits, you'll earn rewards like resort credits and gifts.

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    If you sign up for Romance Rewards on your first trip you will be entitled to do a Trading Places day at the other resort in the same town where you are staying. You will have to return to a Couples resor for trip number 2 to enjoy the other Romance Reward benefits for your first 14 night stay.

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    You will get the return perks on your next trip (I believe they expire in 4 years). If you sign up for romance rewards before you go, you can still trade places for a day.

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    You have to leave and come back to go up a level, so the only special treatment you get this trip is a day pass to CN. You do get perks for your honeymoon though that include a couples massage that you wouldn't get till a much higher level. My main packing advice is to pack a full day's clothes (including undies & swimsuits) for both of you in your carry-on if you check bags. Couples will provide you with some items and will send delayed luggage to the resort with a later shuttle, but why miss out if you don't have to? Also, make sure you take a closed toe pair of shoes and at least a polo shirt for him so you experience all the dining options.

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    If you do a split trip, say 7 days at CSA and 7 days at CN, when you leave the first resort, you will be a repeater at the second one. Just an FYI.

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    fantastic!!! thank you all so much, im sooooooooooooo excited!!!

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