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    Default CSA in September

    Can anyone tell me what the weather is like in late September??

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    Yep, that's when we go each year, it's risky being in hurricane season and I hate to put a label on it but mostly just afternoon showers, anywhere from 10 min to 2 hours long... Good nap, relaxation, bar, "alone time" opportunity!!!

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    Not to mention the ocean water is crazy warm and since its the low season the resort is rather quiet...we have risked hurricane season many times and are doing so again arriving 9/1

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    Average High / Low of 87/77 through most of Sept. A little "wetter" than other months, but not by much...As long as there is no major swirling storm in the vicinity you'll be just dandy. We've visited in August, November, and March and a few others I can't remember. Only one trip did we see a significant amount of rain. That's why it's paradise. It's pretty dang nice all the time!

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