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    Default Am I the only one who uses Couples trips as an excuse to shop?

    I have to say, packing, and the shopping to pack may be my favorite pre-trip activity Please tell me I'm not the only one who's been shopping for new clothes and swimsuits for our October trip.

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    Guilty. The whole planning of the trip, shopping included is a big part of my enjoyment. I am going in November, but I can pretty much guarantee that come September, all four suitcases (wife and mine) will be laid out on the guest bed each weekend, rearranged, added to, subtracted from, and the cause of yet another trip to where ever. Wife has had swimsuits coming in the mail at a pretty decent clip, and I bought way more sandals than I will need or even consider, if I could just find a pair of linen trousers I like, all would be good

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    I shop for every trip! It makes packing much easier.

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    You are not the only one! I am booked for Aug 23rd and the day after booking I went shopping and am already packing.

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    I shopped all day yesterday just for clothes for our trip only 48 days until we arrive at CN. Iam so ready to be there already. I do love to shop for the trip so I am right there with you !

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    Not at all! Just this weekend I bought a new swimsuit and two new dresses and we're not going til June next year The shopping and packing is definitely one of the best parts!

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    No not at all! I spent the weekend shopping in stores and on line! I just hope the hubs doesnt look too closely at the credit card bill!
    96 more days until we get there! This is the first time for us at a Couples but the third time in Jamaica! We are renewing our vos after 20 years! Cant wait for October! 10/13-10/23!!!!!

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    Each trip back we have to shop. My lovely lady wouldn't be caught dead wearing the same things in photos from our previous trip. For me it's all Irie mon no worries. 47 more days.

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    Even if I'm meant to be shopping for work clothes I usually come home with something for Couples. I really do not need anymore vacation clothes. I have to leave a lot at home as I have so much. i just can't help myself. What's better than shopping for cute warm weather clothes?

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    My husband and I go in February every year. I usually get summer clothes on sale at the end if the season.

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    We always get shopping-minded early, but it's really necessary for winter trips, because if you are in a seasonal climate, like we are in Denver, and you don't get the swimsuits, shorts, etc that you want now, you have to either pick through clearance racks or risk no summer stock by the time the trip rolls around. In 2011, I had trouble finding swim trunks in September! I can't order clothes online, because I HAVE to try something on first. If not, there will inevitably be something wrong with it.
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    I'm right there with you! New bathing suits, new dresses, new naughty for his eyes only clothes! I love to shop so getting ready to go makes it more justifiable!

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    I started shopping in February, when Spring Break items came out, for our October trip! I have been buying a little here and there each month. Since our trip is in mid Fall, I didn't want to wait too late to buy things because I knew summery items would be picked over. Also, I knew from a budget standpoint, I needed to spread out my expenses. Plus shopping and outfit planning makes me feel like the trip is that much closer.
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    I'm so glad to read that I'm not alone! My husband just rolls his eyes every time I get a new package via mail order. He tells me that I'll have to wear three different bikinis a day in order to actually wear each new one I've purchased. He's probably right. I tell him that ordering new bikinis keeps me motivated to continue hitting the gym hard. I LOVE shopping for our trip to Couples - it's the next best thing to being there!

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    LOL - am reading this over a glass of wine at the Mall of America. Just bought some shoes that I'll pack on our Barbados trip in 2014!!
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    You are not the only one. I love to buy clothing and swim suits in July and August for our October trip. Everything is at least 40 percent off by now. Just yesterday I bought a maxi dress, a sundress and a swim suit. It makes me feel like paradise is knocking at the door. Soon I will plot my strategy on how to bring all the necessary liquids I need for ten days in a quart ziplock baggie! Honestly I think half the fun is the anticipation and the waiting, but the waiting is still killing me! Ugh..109 day to go!
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    My wife usually picks up a new swim suit or two before we go.

    We also try to shop for some school supplies and anything that the St. Anthony Soup Kitchen might need.
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one I got a few more dresses this week! I'm the kind of packer that has to have options. I never know what I'm going to wear in advance.

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    August 24th for us - and my guest room already has suitcases and bags with my recent purchases! It's my first time to CN - I have to be prepared!

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