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    We are staying in a deluxe garden for the first time and would appreciate help on which block to try and request. We have stayed in each block on the right side of the resort when looking in from the beach and our last trip was right by the basketball court and road...this didn't bother us like staying right next to the pool our first trip. I think I would like to try and stay overlooking the spa/pond. Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    we like 2, 3, 4 the best, but 4 is closer to Riu and sometimes people complain about the noise
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    Building one and two have balconies that overlook the gardens and the spa area. I have stayed in both and liked both a great deal. Building two had terrible WiFi reception when we were there in the middle of June. Hopefully that has been addressed by now.
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    Just fyi we are staying at CN!

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    Which resort?

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    Assume you are talking about CN. Building 1 is closest to the beach grill and building 5 is closest to the water sports. on the other side, building 6 is closest to the pool and building 9 is closest to Au Natural beach.

    Hope that helps.

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    We have stayed in Block 3 once & Block 4 several times on that side & Block 8 twice on the other side. On the side by the spa, we prefer Building 4 because you get less foot traffic by your room .... The road noise has never bothered us in any of the rooms we've had .... Was only bothered by Riu noise one evening out of 3 or 4 times we've been in building 4 (think it was their beach party night & it ended early) but it wasn't a big deal.
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    I think all garden view rooms are in buildings 1-5. I've stayed in 1, 6, & 7. Loved them all.
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