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    How good is it for facetime, google voice and imessages? I need to know i''ll be able to stay in touch with the kids back home.

    Thank you,

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    We just returned and the cold hard truth is, the wi-fi at CSS just plain sucks!!

    The best place to pick up a decent signal is either in the main lobby or at the Beach Grill. The Beach Grill seemed the more reliable option. (Our friends successfully did face-time with their daughter at the beach grill area.) You will get a signal in your room near the windows, but it is spotty at best. We could step out on our patio and get a signal but it was weak and unreliable.

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    Its good and bad, depending what area you are in. We had a reasonable connection inside G15 (the furthest away room in the resort - at the top) but pretty good on the balcony. There are 2 CSS wifi units so there is a pretty good connection all over but there will be low spots. We used facetime and th'internet everyday and, mostly, it wasn't too frustrating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heather and Jim View Post
    How good is it for facetime, google voice and imessages? I need to know i''ll be able to stay in touch with the kids back home.

    Thank you,
    The Wifi in our room was weak. We had a one bedroom beachfront suite in building A, which is pretty far from the lobby. We found a good signal on our balcony, and a better signal on the beach, and were able to send text messages no problem. However, it was spotty at times, so we found going to the game room or sitting in the lobby gave us the strongest signal. We didn't try to facetime with anyone, but I think you should have no problem connecting with your kids in some way.

    Hopefully someone else will be able to confirm about the facetime and/or google voice?

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    We were in E block and found it worthless, so we'd go up to the Balloon Bar patio (a few steps away) every day to Facetime. It worked well there. In the room, forget it. I've read it's different in different blocks.
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    I've found that to go to the lobby is most consistent but in "E Block " it was fine too. Not sure about elsewhere I only used it a couple of times to check in otherwise there was no need to be plugged in.

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    We found WiFi was best by the beach or the lobby. We were in Block A and it was very sketchy. Could get a very low signal out on our balcony sometimes. But after awhile, we just gave up and stuck to using it during the day only when we were down by the beach.
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    It can also be affected by your device - I can usually get a signal on my laptop when my husband isn't having luck with his iPhone. If you have problems with weak signal at home, you're going to need to be near the games room/Balloon Bar or the beach grill.

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    We are hear now in G-14 and it only works on our patio. We have Facetimed our daughter but on nights when there is music down at the Balloon Bar we had to go searching for it.

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    The wifi worked amazing in F block because it is really close to the Internet cafe. From there, we connected to CSS WIFI 1

    When we moved to the G block (G6), the connection was a bit more spotty; but we were able to connect to CSS WIFI 3 with good results. We video skyped home and were able to have a pretty seamless video most days. Two evenings, it didn't work as well and the video was choppy.

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    Thank you everyone for your replies. I feel a little better. I was worried i'd get there and have no communication back home. My baby is seven and this is the longest i've been away from him so im getting anxious.

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