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    My boyfriend Dave and I will be making our first trip to CTI from 8/26-8/31 and I'm starting to consider booking a puddle jumper. I'm an experienced bargain/sale/discount wizard ninja and I'm trying to find the lowest price on RT domestic airfare.

    Does anyone have any advice?

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    the puddle jumpers from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios are quite expensive.

    We used to take Tim Air to Negril before they fixed the road.

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    It's very expensive to CTI. Not really sure if you gain that much. It is usually done more to the Negril side of the Island. The bus is a very nice ride along the coast.

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    We used to use these every trip. CN, CSS, CTI, and other resorts. Now though, I really find it to be more of a pain than the cost justifies. For the negril side properties, it makes sense, or used to before the new road, as it is right across from CN. For OcHo Rios side of the island, I will not do it again. They land a pretty decent distance from the resorts, and I felt like the last trip it took more time flying than the bus would have (although, it was raining, and I was in a terrible mood from travel...that was a year when there was a work stoppage at Montego Bay airport...). Also, Tim air is getting pricey. Fuel is throgh the roof expensive in JA, so I understand why it costs, but those planes are also looking less than desirable. I was looking at pics we took in the puddle jumpers a few times, and I noticed on a trip from 1999 that we had taken the same plane in 2011... It looked rough in 99... The additional 12 years had not done it any favors.

    Now... If jamaica had a helicopter service like we've had in other parts of the Carribean, I would be all over that....

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    One thing about Tim Air into Boschobel Bay is that it is another 20-25 minute drive from Ian Fleming Air Strip to the resort. Also the plane does not fly if the weather is bad or if it's dark. We heard on our most recent trip that the helicopter trip is $900. If you take the Tim Air, once you check in at the Couples Lounge, your Tim Air agent will meet you outside the lounge and take you across the airport to the private air shuttle service. Once you are cleared for flight, you fly the coast line down to OR.

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