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    Default Non-Certified Diver course?

    Did anyone do the Non-Certified Diver course? Just wondering how involved and how much time is required... They mention complimentary introductory dive is offered and I'm curious how involved it is. My husband really wants to do this, but I'm a little leary about the whole scuba thing. Any input would be very much appreciated!!

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    The course at CN use to be need to sign up at least the day starts around 8 am and you are back by 11:30-12. The swim test portion of the class is 4 lengths of the scuba pool which is not a standard pool...any style swim but you can't touch the walls or the floor. It's not hard they just want to see that you know how to swim, that you are comfortable in water, etc.

    I remember years ago us having a contest with the scuba guys. We would stand at one end of the pool, take a deep breath, and then push off and see if we could touch the other end of the pool--the scuba guys could do it...we could make it about 75% of the's not a big pool.

    You spend the first part in a classroom style lecture--on the pool deck, then you get in the pool for the lesson, then you go on a dive! You learn how to clear your mask, use the equipment, etc.

    I highly recommend you try it because it's included in your stay. If you don't like it, you've wasted a morning but at least you tried it.

    P.S. this post is from someone who tried the scuba course about 5 years ago...and now only goes on scuba vacations

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    My husband takes part in the scuba course and dive each time we go to Couples... I, on the other hand, make a spa appointment during that same time. I tried scuba one time and nearly freaked out when we had to remove the mask and regulator underwater and put it back on. If I was meant to breath underwater, I would have been born with gills.

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    I did the discover scuba a few weeks ago at CN and had fun. Not that hard at all. I just wish I didn't wait until Friday to try it. Next time I am getting my certification while I'm there. We left Saturday and they won't let you dive 12-24 hours before flying. Sugar was my instructor.

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    I did my full Padi Open Water certification with Sugar (SHOUT OUT TO SUGAR, CRAIG & RICHARD IN THE DIVE HUT!!) at CN in February 2009. Started with the resort course and just carried right on with the certification !! Best thing I ever did on holiday.... Coming back to see all the guys in a few weeks time... counting down the days !!! BTW If I had know I was going to Scuba training I would have done some book study beforehand but it wasnt so time consuming that it took over my holiday. I now only want to go on Scuba holidays !!

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    The intro course is great just to get a feel. I believe there is a $50 charge for the intro course. But I strongly recommend getting the full cert while you're there. It only takes two days to complete and your free to dive the rest of the trip. I got certified at home in CT. The cost in Jamaica was $200 less then what I paid and you can actually see during your open water dives. My wife had no interset in diving at home, but when we got to CN and I was signing up for the next days dives, Craig talked her into getting certified. The cost for the full cert was $365. It took her a day and a half and we did all the book work on the beach in one afternoon. If you plan this ahead you can go to and complete the bookwork before you go. This way all you have to do is the review and the practical skills and your training dives when you get there. Also just FYI, the whole course was much more "relaxed" in the islands then it was at home. Especially the swim test, hint, hint. But no worries the dive team there is great and they will never let you do anything unsafe or dangerous. They just make sure you have fun. If you do get the cert, don't miss the night dive, it will be the highlight of your trip. Have fun.

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    I will be visiting CN next Feb, I am thinking about becoming PADI certified is it still $365 to obtain the full qualification? I will be at CN for 14 nights so once I am qualified can I get free unlimited dives?

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    Default Bucket List

    Great question, glad you asked it - scuba diving is on my life to do list. Hoping to try it while in CN, December 11-18. When will you be there?
    Connie & Jim

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    we actually certified here in Iowa before we went down to Jamaica. Diving is awesome! We go on vacations just so we can dive. If you like the water, you will love it. you really see some beautiful wildlife that you'll never see without diving. When we got married at COR in 2006 we saw a sea turtle and a spotted eagle sting ray. I understand there is a pod of dolphins that comes out and swims with the divers at CN. I will have my underwater camera in hand!

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    We just completed our confined water dives at home and will be doing our open water certification at CN to be PADI certified as we will be at CN from the 8-18 DEC. Can anyone tell me how much that will cost and how long does it take? Can you rent wet suits. We are bringing our fins, snorkel and mask. Do they use weight belts or are the weights integrated into the BCD?

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    Sugar will help you get used to diving. He's a GREAT instructor and very patient. All the guys are great at the water sports hut but i would go with Sugar every time.

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    i did my full open water certification at CN in february this year with Sugar. he helped me thru the whole course in just a few days - hes a great instructor. also there are 2 new instructors now - Craig & Richard. they only had weight belts in feb 09 - none of the bcds had integrated systems. from memory i dont believe they rent wetsuits but to be honest i'm not sure i would want to rent one - what if someone had peed in it, yuk (sorry !) good luck with the rest of your course - ian & i will be there 7-21 dec so i will see you on the dive boat - you'll know us by the water pistols !!

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    The cost for the full course is 365

    Once you're certified you can do all the dives at no additional cost with the exception of night dives $50 extra
    ot sure on the cost for the training dives but they should only take one day if there is an instructor available and you have the skills mastered

    No wet suits for rent, but they will store yours during the trip if you bring one

    Only lead weights and weight belts with their gear, if you had your own weight integrated bc you could use their lead weights in the pockets

    I did 9 dives at CN last week and saw no dolphins, we did see eagle ray, mackeral, puffers, lion fish, flying gunnard?, sting ray, lobster, crab, eel, octopus, nurse shark, awesome corals, ect, ect.

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