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Thread: CN Room Key ?

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    Default CN Room Key ?

    Are the room keys at CN an actual key or are they the hard plastic keys that you slide in the lock (like motels)?

    *Tried to find the answer on previous posts but had no luck...


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    Real keys. They will be on a 'bungee' bracelet.

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    When we were there last June, they were actual keys. We return in 10 days, 23 hours, 27 minutes......and haven't ready anything here that it has changed.

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    It's an actual key with an elastic phone cord-type of wristband. Wait a minute, does any one even know what a phone cord is anymore?
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    They are actual keys on an armband.

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    there just last week, it is a regular key not a plastic card. No problem mon.

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    At the repeater dinner a few weeks ago Ricardo mentioned that CN would be moving to key cards at some point in the future but I don't remember if he said when we should expect this. As for late June, it was still regular keys on a wrist/ankle band. I prefer the real keys and would rather they not make the change but I guess there are some advantages for the resort, but they are not a user friendly for the guests IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caribbeanlovers View Post
    there just last week, it is a regular key not a plastic card. No problem mon.
    Glad to hear this. Like the real key on armband. To me it is easier to keep track of, especially after a few beverages.

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    Just there in June and they were actual keys. On a little cord so it was easy to keep up with.
    No worries!

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    What is a phone cord.....????
    Funny dank120!

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