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    Default Trash the Dress...or a better idea!

    Hi Ladies,
    I love looking at everyones wedding/vow renewal pictures at Couples. I was a little surprised by the number of brides who decide to "trash the dress" and jump off the catamaran or wade into the ocean.

    But isn't there a better idea? What if we could donate our slightly "used" gowns to the Wedding Coordinator who could, in turn, find an employee who would be thrilled to have a beautiful dress for her own ceremony? The dresses are only worn for a couple of hours and could possibly help make someone's dream wedding a reality!

    I have donated dresses in the past to organizations here in Florida during prom time. The dresses are then distributed to high school girls who aren't able to purchase a dress for their big night. It's a great feeling knowing that a young lady might be wearing my dress on her special night.

    Any way... this is just a thought. I'm going to investigate this possibility when we go back to CSA July 31st. If it's feasible I'll be leaving my vow renewal dress at CSA in August 2014.

    Anyone else like the idea??? Don't trash the dress...pass the dress on!

    Thanks for listening!

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    Great idea!!!!
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    Good idea, I did that with my first wedding dress.

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    I think that's a GREAT idea!!!! I personally think that the "trashing the dress" thing is just such a waste in so many ways.

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    I don't see why you couldn't do both. "Trashing" the dress in the ocean actually cleans it- mine came out looking cleaner and nicer than when it went in! (Trashed it in San Diego, ca). Couples has laundry services, yes? So they could be dry cleaned afterwards?

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    GREAT IDEA!!! I never could figure out why someone would want to "trash" something that A)Probably cost a fair amount; B)Might be appreciated by a future family member (I wore my Grandmother's wedding gown) or C)Could be donated per ginjoe's suggestion....

    I guess the "trash the dress" concept is an outgrowth of some of our throwaway society's values....

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    Awesome idea!!

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    Great idea!! Another option is Brides Against Breast Cancer.

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    That is a good idea, for anybody wanting to not keep it as an heirloom or keepsake. My wife and I did a trash the dress at the falls in Ocho Rios (not Dunns River, can't remember the name of the place). After we were done, we simply put the dress in the tub full of water, and let it soak while we spent the rest of the day enjoying ourselves. The dress was not dirty at all. In fact, she was able to wear it to our reception back in the states without having to dryclean it. It actually got dirtier during the reception from the floor than it did in Jamaica.

    Now having said that, I have seen some SEVERE TTDs where people have covered themselves in paint, or even lit the dress on fire, while they were still wearing it!! (Very cool pictures on google search). These dresses, I don't think were salvageable, but other post TTDs could definitely still be donated, if thats what the bride so chooses.

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    Would someone really want to wear someone else's wedding dress? I guess I'm just different - I think most brides would want their own special dress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allans_Angel View Post
    Would someone really want to wear someone else's wedding dress? I guess I'm just different - I think most brides would want their own special dress.
    It's not that all brides don't "want" their own special dress brand new made just for them but lots of brides can't afford it & someone else's special dress can become theirs also & make them feel beautiful on their wedding day. Then possibly she can pass it on as well to help even a third bride. It just makes more sense than ruining something that's "special".

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    I was married at CSA in 2009. I did ask the wedding coordinator if there was a play to donate my dress in Jamaica and was told no. I did however, return home and was able to donate my dress for a local charity. I know there is some new trend of "trashing the dress", it actually bothers me, but to each their own.

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    That would be a great idea if possible.

    On a side note, and not to be morbid here, but I don't think it's a good idea to jump into the ocean in a wedding dress (i.e. Trash the Dress). Case in point: Bride drowns in wedding dress while taking photos in Canadian river |

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