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    Hi! I was just wondering if anyone has taken advantage of the morning jogging they do at CTI. I might be going right before a marathon and would like to get some small runs in during the week.

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    I cannot imagine doing any longer than a couple miles outdoors in Jamaica. Even in the fitness center it gets so hot! That said, I will also be finishing training for a half while I'm there, and plan to at least attempt to do a long run (on the treadmill). Would love to hear of any short, safe running routes nearby though.

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    I didn't see a run on the activities board, but Alford does a power walk up the hills and back down each morning. It's a great cardio work out.

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    I think you'll be disappointed because there isn't a lot of room to run at CTI (unless you want to go off the resort). My husband was planning on doing a half marathon about a month after our upcoming trip Couples, but he's postponed it because he doesn't think he's going to be able to get in enough runs and long-enough runs during the 10 days we'll be in Jamaica. You can always try running on the treadmill in the gym but I know that for the hard-core runners, that's not really an option.

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    I did see people running long the main road just outside the front gate there. That's obviously off-resort and brings potential safety issues, but it's an option.

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    My husband is doing a marathon on our retun from CTI in October. He's hoping to be able to get out and run. One option is to do the trading places to CSS and runaround the Resort which is very hilly and do laps around the lake near Sunsett beach.

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    Hi aphilly, My wife and I will be at CTI from 10/21 - 10/27. My wife is also going to be in the midst of training for a full marathon. I think her plan is going to be treadmill and then maybe 1 long run at CSS around the small pond during a trading places day. We were just at CTI in May 2013 and there really is not anywhere to run but CSS at least has a trail around the small pond where I think 3x is a mile.

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    @excruzr-- we'll actually be there at the same time!

    Doing the run during a Trading Places day at CSS is something I hadn't considered- the only potential problem being incredible heat since you typically don't get over there until after 10AM. If she's an early AM runner, perhaps we could convince CTI staff to let us run to CSS (~2.5 miles) and use the trail in the early AM.

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    If you run in the gym at CTI early in the morning make sure you turn ON the AC. I ran and couldn't figure out why it was deathly hot until I realized I had to flip the switch to turn on the AC unit. I wish an employee would come in the morning to turn it on so it has a chance to cool down but it seemed the week I was there I always had to turn it on.
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    very cool, I am sure we can work something out about getting there earlier than 10am

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