Just returned from our 6th trip to CSA (our 9th Couples trip total).

Once again an excellent vacation!

The Good:
Food and service were fantastic at all the resturants.
Private dinner on the beach was well worth it (We were cancelled on our anniversary due to weather and had to reschedule-Lemongrass was very gracious in accomadating us for a special anniversary dinner)
Staff was as friendly as ever. It was nice to see people we remembered from previous trips.
Beach is beautiful. We were always able to find shade.
We had an Atrium and loved the room. Everything worked fine (well except for one thing-See the Bad)
Housekeeping was great-(Seemed to be one day AM, one day PM and alternated) Always had clean towels.
Bars were well stocked and drinks were plentiful. Martini bar every night before dinner and the bartenders there are fantastic.
The other guest: We met so many new friends and enjoyed socializing. The people who go to Couples are some of the friendliest people anywhere. We had a blast!
Can't comment on the pools or swim up bar as we go for the gorgeous beach and never set foot in the pools.
Aura Lounge with Ultimate-What a blast. Teno is a great addition!
Steel drums on Wednesay in the Palms are a must do-These kids are very talented and the performance is something to not miss.
Vendors roaming the beach are not an issue.
Walk off the resort and down the beach. We enjoed talking with several of the vendors. Even when we made it clear we were not intrested in the product, most we genuinely friendly and enjoyed talking with us.

The Bad:

Well not really bad but Couples needs to step up their game here:

1. Why bother having me pre-register for the mini bar if I just have to fill the card and hang on my door when I get there anyway? Either do it or don't; but an informal poll tells me about 50% of the people it worked for and 50% not so much. This really was not a big deal, but on travel day, having a glass of wine to unwind on our verandah would have been very nice.
2. Why can't everything be together at check-in. Why do I have to run and track down my Repeater's certificates? Again, not a huge deal but when you are tired and cranky and just want to get to your room, the one extra step can be annoying.
3. Please, please get some real hairdryers for the rooms!!!! This is a top rated hotel. Hair dryers that actually dry your hair would be nice.

Again, the "bad" is very minor-I realize this. It was just annoying and somewhat frustrating.

We did the One Love Bus Crawl-Everyone should do this! The experience was amazing and I only drank at the first and last bar. I had water at the other 5! You get to expereince some authentic Jamaican hospitality.

We also did the 4x4 Jeep Tour-Highly recommend. And the guide was very informative. We only had 2 other couples so there was no crowd and it was relaxing and easy going.

One other thing I will say-We saw Lee Issa on property several different days during our stay. As the Chairman of Couples, it is great to see how much of a hands on approach he takes. He was very unobtrusive and is very much a gracious gentleman and he took the time to talk with us about our stay.
We also saw Karen Lanigan, the GM, around daily.
CSA is one of our favorite Couples properties and it obvious that everyone from the very top on down take an active pride in providing a great experience to the guests.