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    Default CSA Room difference?

    Hi! We went to CTI for our honeymoon 6/13, and are planning to do CSA for our 1 year. But I can't figure out the difference in rooms. We definitely want on ocean view, but not the rooms that don't have glass in the windows. As far as I can tell the Atrium rooms are the open air ones, and the Verandah rooms are the ones that have glass & not just the wooden slats. Am I correct? And I think that only the open air ones have the hammock? Help?

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    MrsD, yes the atriums have the hammocks and the slats over the screens but from what I've read, it does cool down nicely with the ac. No tv though. If you want an ocean view, the go premier beachfront or beachfront veranda, first or third floor request when you check in. Our second floor beachfront veranda was obstructed by palms. You also get ocean views from the greathouse veranda suites but they are in a big building so a different experience there but very nice room from my understanding. If you'd like a few pics, email me at
    There really are no bad rooms at csa, you are going to love it!

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