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    Default Club MoBay questions????

    Hi all we are returning home in 4 days and we have the pleasure of using the Club MoBay because we booked through Costco. Now how do we use it when we arrive in Jamaica? I remember seeing it when we were departing but don't remember when we arrived. Can anyone give me some insight with this. Thanks!

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    Once you get off your flight you will walk down a ramp and they should be waiting for you with your name on a sign. They will check out your Immigration forms to make sure you've filled it out correctly, then escort you to the fast track line at Immigration, then to baggage claim if you checked any luggage, then through Customs and the finally to the Couples Lounge. If you need additional info just email them at We love the arrival service!

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    They will be waiting for you when you get off the plane. They help u get straight throug immigration and customs. the arrival lounge is nothing like the departure lounge so dont get too discouraged when you see how tiny it is. We just got back home yesterday and really enjoyed using club mobay! Have fun on your trip, we had a blast.

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    Hi CM318. We flew to Montego Bay last month. We didn't use Club MoBay but I saw how it works. Once you de-plane their should be a person holding a sign with your name on it. Link up with them and they will take care of you from there. I believe the Club MoBay lounge is right next to the Couples lounge once you get through Customs so you won't have far to go. Have a great trip

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    We fly out of Vegas tonight at 10:50 and arrive in Jamaica at 9:40am tomorrow, from what I have gathered customs/immigration is a breeze early in the day so we opted not to do Club MoBay hope it works out! Can't wait to go home!

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