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    Default which couples offer this?

    Looking for the couples resort which offer complete services on the a/n section/side? ie. bar, pool, grill or food on the a/n side.

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    I believe CSS - SSB would be your resort- I don't think they have a grill but they do bring food over - they have a pool and hot tub in addition to a full bar.
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    CSS. They have everything you're looking for on the AN side. They do have a grill. And they have Jheanel, the best bartender in Jamaica

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    Default food at css

    Yes css has food and a grill. They make the best hamburgers, done the way you want. We were there end of October last year. Now only 24 days till we go again!!!!!!!

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    CSS is the only one that serves lunch. At CTI they will bring food over if you ask or take the boat back and eat on land.

    Both CTI and CSS have a pool and swim up bar.

    CN has a bar.
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    I have been to Couples Negril and Couples San Souci. 100% CSS for the AN beach,pool,bar,grill. We went this past April and loved it so much we are going back next week!!!!!!

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    lovjamaica...great to see you on this thread. Cant wait to hit SSB again. It is the best and one of the main reasons why we are going back to's like a mini resort all in one. AAAHHH, I can't wait!

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