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    Default Tennis Courts at CTI?

    Hi! How many tennis courts are at CTI?

    Does anyone know what kind of surface they are or if they are lighted for night play?

    One last thing.. did I hear somewhere that the tennis courts are across the street from the resort? If so, is there anything else over there (CSA has several things across the street near their tennis courts).


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    I think I remember 3 courts. They are AstroTurf surface and if they are wet they won't let you play on them. We tried twice and it rained in the night and the courts were wet when we arrived so we couldn't play. The courts are across the street, nothing else over there that I can remember.

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    Hi rhallva

    There are three courts at CTI all floodlit and the surface is what we call in the UK 'all weather' - artificial grass with a sand dressing. We find them ok as we use the same courts at our club in the UK. The only problem is that if there has been heavy rain they take a while to dry out - much longer than the old hard courts which used to be there.

    They are across the road from the resort but there is nothing else there, just the three courts, toilets, a covered area with tables and chairs and the 2 old hard courts which are now used as a staff car park. Colin, the coach, is always there together with some of the hotel staff and locals who also play and you can sometimes get a game with them - but they are good!!

    We love the tennis and when we are at CTI (every Christmas and New Year for many years now and occasionally in August/September!) we are there every morning that the tennis coaching is on and also play in the evenings. We keep meaning to try CSA mainly because they have more tennis courts, but we love CTI so much and Colin is such a good coach we can't drag ourselves away from CTI.

    Hope you enjoy CTI and the tennis (we're sure you will)

    Mad about tennis

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    It's interesting that the court surface is sometimes called, "All Weather" but they won't let you play if it's wet and it takes a much longer time to dry out that a hard court (using rollers) or a Har-Tru court. What will they think of next? lol

    How about the courts at CSS? Are they also across the street? Anyone know what kind of surface they have?

    Thanks much!

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