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    Default All in the Family!

    Our first time to Couples was in 1980 for our honeymoon to COR now CTI and many trips since. Our daughter and her husband went to CTI last year for their honeymoon. Now our son and his wife will be leaving tomorrow for CSA for their honeymoon.

    Paul & Debbie

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    Lucky dogs!

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    My brother and sister-in-law were married in Jamaica and spent two weeks there. Their wedding and first week of their stay was at CTI (then COR). The second week was at a footwear type place in Negril. After their return and ravings about Couples (they hardly mentioned shoes) we have not stayed anywhere other than Couples over many trips to Jamaica. Ok, so it's not a multi-generational story, but family nonetheless.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    One of our daughters spent their honeymoon at CSA which is where we go each year. They just happened to stay in the same exact room as we stayed in that same year. Now that was a bit awkward to hear. They now are planning a trip to Tower Isle for their 5th anniversary.

    I think Couples should give us a discount for referrals.

    Life is good

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