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    We are headed back to CTI in October for our 3rd trip. We are contemplating trading places to CSS for the day but worried if we don't like it we will be stuck there for the afternoon. Last time we didn't want to go but this time we're talking about it. What's everyone's experience with trading places?

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    That happend to us at cn. It was nice but we wanted to leave. Bring cab fare just in case.

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    Went to CSS in April and loved it! The only other Couples resort we've been to is CN. We love them both, and will go back to both. I would recommend trying out CSS, others who traded places while we were there said it was worth it!

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    We usually stay at CSS and trade places with CTI and always had a good time - never left early - which is definitely an option as the resorts are very close and a taxi won't cost much.

    You only trade places for a few hours, usually from 9-4:30.

    The one draw back is being dis-connected from your room & stuff so if you forget something or need to shower / clean up then it can be a problem.

    This year we decided to split our trip between CSS & CTI and not trade places as we love both resorts and want to fully experience both.

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