I researched up and down and read alot of great reviews about Couples Swept Away through many channels and through this forum too so I was super excited to book the trip for our babymoon/my birthday this past week. We had high expectation because of the many great reviews on here but after our disappointing trip, I don't think we will be going back any time soon.

Check In/Out:
-we waited at the airport lounge for about 20 mins before the bus took us to the resort and check in was flawless, only about 5 mins or so. Check out was great and fast well even though there were many people leaving at the same time.

-we got a garden veranah suite as the other suites were booked. I had pre-check in to ask for first level as I'm pregnant which I got and to stock it with plenty of water bottles and coke for my hubby. They stocked it with plenty of water and only 1 coke for the first day, never refilled it with coke again and didn't refill any water the last day when we were there and I needed plenty of water bottles waiting for the bus to take us to the airport as it was super hot that day. The room was clean and big. The restroom light was a little dull as others were saying. The hairdryer is useless, it was not that powerful as other mentioned but I have thin and short hair (past my shoulder) so I thought it was no big deal, boy I was wrong. It would take me 3 tries and 30 mins to dry my hair. The bed was HUGE and soft. The last 3 days we were there, my hubby and I got really bad bed bugs bite every where in our body. We had the maids change the sheets every days since we were afraid of getting sands in the bed. Even using cortizone that we bought didn't help. Till now, we both still have those itchy bit marks on us.

- first off, both my hubby and I are not picky eater, I love to eat and will eat anything. Even being pregnant, I'm not picky.

-we ate at the palms for breakfast everyday. The first time there I got the last couple of pieces of sweet plantain which is my favorite for breakfast but they ran out after that. The rest of the week, they didn't serve that at all and the line for the omelet was super long so I only got 1 omelet when I was there and it was good.

-the food at the cabana grill was great, we got the jamaica jerk chicken everytime we were there and we loved it. I don't understand the rave about the onion rings as I thought the french fries were better and the ketchup tasted the same to me which my hubby agrees.

-we only ate at seagrape once and got the fish tacos as recommended by many and it was good but not enough as it didn't filled us up. I did get to enjoy a fresh coconut and it was refreshing but it was the only time they had it, I went back the next day and they didn't have it.

-we didn't eat at Patois for lunch once we saw the menu as nothing interested us.

-Lemon Grass, once we checked in, we made reservation for Lemon Grass as recommended and was super excited about the restaurant. Let me say, I was really disappointed with the food, it was mediocre and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I"m not a picky eater at all and love all type of food but the snapper I had was just not right. I didn't finish my food and left disappointed.

-I made reservation at Feathers 2 days in advance so I can go there for my birthday to celebrate (which was on wed) and yet another disappointed, they didn't have any availability.

-the selection at the Palms for lunch were good but not great and same thing for Dinner. We ate there most of the night as we only got reservation to Lemon Grass and the shipwreck beach party was canceled due to the rain. On the international buffet night, they did have king crab legs which is my favorite but they were tasteless and soggy. The best thing I enjoyed was the fresh fruits as I love fruits.

Overall the food was not what I expected, it was edible but wasn't great as people are reviewing it to be. Both hubby and I had stomach ache every day and some days were worst than the others. I wished I would of gotten to try Feathers but oh well, I didn't mind eating at the Palms but wanted to try all the restaurants there.

the beach was excellence, We didnt get there early enough for a palapa but didn't mind as we had a favorite spot under the palm tree and near the bar. I didn't realize that we had to order the drinks from the bar every time. We only got to experience with the flag one day when we were there and question why they didn't do it every day but oh well.

It rained/poured every day for about 3-4 hours which sucks because we had to waited it out and couldn't swim in the beach.

My hubby did use the fitness center and he was impressed about the variety of equipments they had there but it was scorching hot as it was not indoor with ac. The lap pool was nice as I had it to myself and enjoyed it very much.

Beside the beach which was the best part of the trip, we got to book a maternity photoshoot. I wanted the beautiful sunset but it rained so I didn't get it but did it anyways, I reschedule it for the next day (also the last full day we were there) and of course we knew it was going to rain again (and it did) so we had it at noon, boy it was hot!

Overall this babymoon/birthday trip was ok, I don't know if I had such high expectation from reading all the reviews but I was disappointed with the trip.