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    Default Barbados vs CTI/CN/CSS

    For those repeaters (like us) that love Couple's resorts in Jamaica not only for all the great amenities, staff, and experiences but especially including the Au Naturel do you say yes to the new Couples Barbados and give up your favorite Jamaican location. For us it's CTi and Tower Island while Couples Negril is a very close second. CSS's sunset beach is fantastic, but we've only done the day trip there and don't think we would choose the rest of the resort over the CTI or CN.

    We've got a big anniversary coming up next year and trying to decide on our 5th or 6th trip to Couples. The wife thinks she would like to try something new and a new island and tada Couples introduces Couples Barbados. I just have a bad feeling it won't live up to our Jamaican experiences and expectations especially since it doesn't have an Au Nat option. We've only gone Au Naturel on our Couples trips and it, in my opinion, adds so much to our vacation (its fun, liberating, exhilarating, in a way sensual, social, etc.)

    Any one else thinking the same?

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    Yes, we like Couples, but will not consider Barbados or CSA due to the lack of AN facilities.
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    zambam. I think you are like me and have gotten addicted to the Au Naturel thing. Even though me and the wife have had many fabulous vacations, now that we've done the island thing, I don't think we'll ever vacation anywhere else. Ditto on the fun, liberating, exhilarating and sensual side of the vacation.

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    We have decided that we probably will not visit CB for this reason---we enjoy SSB too much to spend 7-10 days in a wet swimming suit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zambam View Post
    We've only gone Au Naturel on our Couples trips and it, in my opinion, adds so much to our vacation (its fun, liberating, exhilarating, in a way sensual, social, etc.)

    Any one else thinking the same?
    I completely agree with you. I would love to try Couples Barbados but since there is no A/N area there (indeed, on the entire island due to nudity being illegal in Barbados) I can say we will probably never go. To us, going A/N is such a wonderful part of our vacation that it doesn't really matter how good a resort is, if it doesn't have an A/N option it will be a disappointment to us.

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    i'm sure Couples Barbados is very nice. It's a pity my DH and I will never find out.

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    I'm with the others on this, we ruled out CB as soon as we learned of the restriction. If I ever do a tropical vacation with my brother & sister-in-law (definitely not A/N types) I'd consider it because Couples might be the only thing to make wearing a wet suit tolerable, but otherwise we're sticking to CSS.

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    I'll offer an alternative point of view. My husband and I love CSS and CTI for the au naturel experience. However, we do travel to many other places where au naturel is not allowed. We have found that although we enjoy being nude, it is not a deal breaker to wear a swim suit while experiencing another culture, another island and having new adventures. We've sailed in the Grenadines, gone diving in the Virgin Islands, spent lots of time in Hawai'i and none of those places allow nudity. And guess what? We would return (and do return) back to each one of those places, as well as many return visits to Jamaica.

    I say, branch out a little bit. Don't miss out on an opportunity to see some place new because of one detail. Enjoy another island, another culture. You can be nude in your room, and you can always make Jamaica your "next" trip and get your au natural fix!

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    Thanks for the feedback so far....I thought about posting this on the Main Board too as it will probably be seen by more people and outside of the A/N thing, CTI and CN are going to be hard to measure up to.

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