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    We are at CTI right now and it is gorgeous. DH and I had booked CN, then got cold feet and switched to CTI at the last minute. We love it here. Our room is premium ocean view with a stunning view of the beach and the island. The beach was lovely yesterday and then we spent the afternoon by the pool Everyone is so nice. Staff are amazingly friendly and helpful. The food has been delicious and we love all the Jamaican specialties such as snapper or ackee with salt cod. Last night, we had dinner at the Verandah and then checked out the band, the piano bar and the martini bar. We also sat out on the pier for a while. Today we are visiting CSS and then I am getting a massage at the spa. i can't say enough nice things about CTI. We've been to CSA twice and thought we would always prefer Negril, but I think we might have a new favorite.

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    CTI is our favorite too. It is the best.

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    Happy to hear that you are enjoying CTI it's the best.

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    This has been a magnificent vacation. Last night, we ate at Bayside, listened to the reggae band and checked out the bonfire. Everything was wonderful. DH is ready to book again already.

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    You chose our favorite, too! Enjoy every minute. CTI, see you in January!

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    All Couples Resorts are lovely but CTI has always been our favorite. At the end of this month we will make trip #78 to CTI.

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    Our favorite, and we are here, too, at CTI!
    Becky and Bud, VA, USA
    CTI 6/30 - 7/5/2011
    CTI 7/2 - 7/10/2013

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    live from CTI. had a marvelous dinner at Eight rivers tonight we are sitting on our patio listening to the waves and frogs make music for us.this is truly paradise just our 3rd time here at CTI and we would consider No other place.

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    We will be at CTI from the 20th to the 30th. So happy to hear the positive remarks! Meeting our daughter and son-in-law there. Super excited. For all of us, it's the first for Jamaica, and the first for all-inclusive!

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    We just left CTI July 5th. Best vacation ever!!!!!! The Spears & Moricles will return. There was nothing at this place that we did not love.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgsaks View Post
    All Couples Resorts are lovely but CTI has always been our favorite. At the end of this month we will make trip #78 to CTI.
    Is that a typo - 78 trips to CTI? If not, then WOW! I'm impressed. You truly qualify as a CTI fan!

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    Our 2nd trip this year 47 more days!!!!! LOVE CTI

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    We just got home last night, 7/7. It was another great vacation!

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    We left CTI on July 8 after 8 nights. It was our 5th trip to Couples and we are booked again for next year, already counting the days until we return. Wonderful trip, great staff, excellent food.

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