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    Default Barbados vs. Negril

    We have been to CN twice and think it is the perfect fit for us, but are thinking of trying Couples Barbados.
    Would love to see a Resort Map. Does anyone know if one is in the works? Also can you walk out into the
    sea and it is shallow for quite a way out? How far is the airport from CB? Help with these questions
    Randy, please!!!
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    Randy has posted that it is a 15 minute drive from the airport to CB.

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    I don't have a resort map I'm afraid, but can answer a few questions about the water. The sea at CB is like a big warm whirlpool. It is quite shallow for a while, but you can't really stand in the areas where the waves come up to your knees/waist, as the waves just knock you over. Once you get further out you can bop along quite happily, but you won't be doing any relaxed floating like Negril. The water at CB is great fun, but very different from Negril. Do you have any specific questions about the layout?

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    It's probably about 15 minutes to the airport. We stayed at a non-couples resort that is in the same area. I can't provide a resort map. In terms of the ocean, it's typically got much bigger waves than you'd find in Negril. We actually had a blast last time in Barbados w/ the waves. I don't recall it being shallow for a long way out, akin to something you'd find in the Fla. Keys or anything like that. We still give Barbados a thumbs up! It's different in a lot of ways, but at the end you've got nice beach, great sun, people, etc...It's a win-win anyway you slice it.

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