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    Default Couples Photo Contest Ends

    Greetings to all:

    This is the official announcement that the bi-monthly photo contest has been discontinued.

    We hope you will continue to share your photos for the sake of simply sharing and we will announce various contests and sweepstakes on the board and our other Social Media portals.

    Stay Tuned...

    The Couples Photo Contest message board has been archived. It will remain viewable but posting is discontinued.

    The Couples Photo Contest Winners Gallery may be viewed here.

    Couples Resorts

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    I always wondered why there was a photo thread just to simply share photos. Maybe, like the Meet Up thread, do photos for each resort so that if someone is researching a particular resort, they go to that thread. Some days, I would just like to view photos from CTI when I am feeling "homesick".

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    Thanks for running it this long; certainly supplemented a couple of trips!

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    Since there is no more contest, perhaps there could be seperate threads set up for each resort. One thread for CSA, one for CN, one for CB, etc. This way, if a newbie is trying to decide on a resort, they'd be able to look at each one individually instead of having to try to figure out which resort is in which picture. Just a thought.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Are you going to post the winners of the may-June contest? I only saw the 1st place winner on facebook. I entered, but haven't heard anything, so probably didn't place. Would like to know what the top pics were. (eventhough I thought mine were the best! LOL)

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    Since there are no more contests perhaps there could be separate programs and set up for each resort. One place for CSA one for CN and the other are place in all over the world. This the way if a new persons are going to try and decided on a resort, they had be able to look at each one individually instead of having to try to figure out which resort in picture. I think if we think about it we are shocked and not are able to get more ideas.

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