My wedding is 314 days away and better yet... the honeymoon! I wanted to go to Jamaica so bad, and I was just not into the whole sandals resort... and THANK GOODNESS... that I stumbled onto the couples website, I fell in love... at first sight!

My fiance and I are torn between CTI and CSA. I really like the rooms at CSA including the Atrium Suites and the Beachfront Verandah Suites. From the pictures I like the environment better at CTI than CSA. We are young, we will be 22 and 21 on our honeymoon, so maybe that will help choosing between the two! To me from what I have read, it seems that there is more to do at CTI... I would love any and all pictures you may have of either resort, and any info on the rooms at CTI. Help me decide between the two.. PLEASE!

I am just so excited to go there, I have never been anywhere in my life, not even on an airplane! So this is going to be an amazing trip. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through all of your posts and hope that some of you veteran couples visitors can help us out! Thank you! We will be there 8/8/10-8/14/10... only 315 days!