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    Default Advise on transportation

    We are staying at Riu Negril down the road for my sister-in-laws wedding. We love CSA and decided while we are in Jamaica for her wedding at Riu, we would take an additional 7 days and stay at CN.
    My question is; do you recommend a car service or taxi service to get from the Riu Negril to CN?
    Also, do you think CN would let us check in early? I am sure we will need to be out of the other hotel around 11am, this would put us at CN as early as 11:30 am.
    Any advice or ideas would be welcome!

    226 days… sigh

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    It will only be like a 5 minute drive, so I would think you could just get a taxi. Also, CN will let you check in early, but your room probably will not be available till the afternoon so just come in your swimsuits and go to lunch and the beach till your room is ready. They will hold your luggage for you till your room is available.

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    It would only take 1/2 hour to walk with luggage, I would not recommend walking but it would take 5 minutes or less to drive. There will be taxis there to take you.

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