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    Default My Hubby Is The Greatest!

    After resigning myself to the fact that there would be no trip to Couples in 2014 due to the fact that we are taking the kids and grand kids on a cruise for Christmas, I was thrilled when my wonderful husband suggested we still go. After 6 visits to CSA we are leaning toward trying Couples Barbados. I have to admit I am a little nervous since we love CSA soooo much, but also excited that we will visit a new Country but still receive the level of service we have grown to love! We just have to make a final decision on exact dates and then we will be booking. I will be spending a great deal of time on the message board looking for reviews of Couples Barbados. I can still hardly believe that we are going to get our romantic vacation time again!!! I am the luckiest woman!

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    Be sure to read online reviews....

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