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    Default Great House Verandah Suites compared to Gardenview Verandah Suites

    Has anyone seen both of these? Last time we were at Couples we stayed in the Gardenview and loved it. We have found a vacation now that includes the Great House Verandah Suite, which one is better?

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    I can't say which is better because we haven't stayed in the greathouse but you'll get a ocean view there but it's a totally different experience in the ghvs. We love the gvs and book those now. Good luck deciding

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    Rooms are identical. About 200' difference in location. Garden has more privacy. Beachfront is closer to beach and walking path.

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    The GHVS will be more hotel feel to the room! I think GVS is better! We like the newer section in this cat better and we pref 3rd floor!

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