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    We are headed back to CTI October 1 and contemplating whether or not to trade places to CSS this trip. We haven't had an urge to see CSS or leave CTI but are thinking this time around we should take advantage of the trading places. For those of you who have traded places was it worth it or did you wish you'd stayed at your resort?

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    We visited CSS for the day on our 2nd trip to CTI. As another couple said to us, why not try your sister resort for a day? One of 2 things can happen: either you have found out that you want to go to CSS for your next trip or you confirm that CTI is your true "home". In our case, we liked our "field trip" to CSS, but we found out that CTI is our favorite (and we're going back in October for trip #4)!

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    We were at CTI last year and went to CSS for the day. We should have stayed at CTI however that was because of the steps at CSS. Don't get me wrong, CSS was beautiful and I am glad we checked it out but for us it was confirmation that we picked the right resort. We are going to CN this year and will be checking out CSA for the day. IF you have the time why not go and check it out. You may find a new love. If you find you don't like it and want to go back to CTI you can always take a cab back.

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    We went and tried cn. Glad we did it, but wanted to leave early. It's really a nice perk from Couples. I say go for it and bring cab fare in case you want to leave early. Css really is gorgeous and a very unique property. Check it out.

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    We usually spend a day there. You should try it. If you want to leave early a cab is around ten bucks.

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    Thanks for the info! We are there 11 days so will make a day to head over there and check it out!

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    We stayed at CSS, and did the trading places to CTI. It was almost culture shock going to CTI. The way the staff treated us was totally different than CSS. At CSS, at every meal, they take you to your table, pull the chair out for you, and that sort of thing. At CTI, we got there in plenty of time for breakfast. A guy took us to our table, and from about 10 feet away pointed to it and said that was our seat. We asked 4 different people for coffee, and never got any (we know jamaica time, and were very patient, but I had already finished a plate and a half of food (including standing in line for an omolette and STILL no coffee). My wife finally got up to get her own coffee, and THEN a waiter came over to tell her she didn't need to get her own. Not one employee smiled at us or said hi or anything as we walked around the resort, which was a stark contrast from CSS. While we were waiting for the bus to pick us back up, one employee did talk with us for a brief moment, but other than that, there was almost no interaction from the staff. I will say, we did like the island, and they make hummingbirds and dirty bananas better than CSS (they use Tia Maria instead of regular coffee liquer). The island would probably be the only reason we MIGHT go back to CTI for a day trip. But neither of us have any interest in booking a full vacation to CTI.

    I know each resort has its own feel to it, and for every person that has something negative to say about a resort,there are about 400 people who will say its the best place ever. It is a shame that the trading places is only until 4, because it might make a much different first impression if guests were able to eat supper at the other resort, instead of just lunch. I know I really wanted to try out Bayside, just to eat above the waves. CSS has so many different paths and things to see, that you need more than 6 hours to experience it all and get a true feeling for the resort.

    I apologize for the bit of a rant I went on. To answer your initial question, for whatever reason you choose, it is definitely worth it to check out the other resort, just for the different experience. CSS is a whole different world from CTI, and you may or may not find it to your liking, but either way, it will make you appreciate and love Couples that much more. After our experience at CSS/CTI, we were so scared to miss out on a trip to CSS, that instead of booking a single week at CN for next year, we booked a 2 week split stay at CN/CSS. We also will be checking out CSA while at CN.

    289 Days 22 Hours 30 Minutes until we come back home!!

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