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    Default New to CSA.

    I can't find what I am looking for easily on here so couple quick questions. What nights are the special or best nights to make sure we don't go off resort? I don't want to miss anything! I am thinking I read on here Wednesday night is the steel drum band? We saw them last year at another resort and don't want to miss them. And beach party night is Friday? What time does the catamaran trip go out and when does it come back? Sorry for me needing to be such a planner! And thanks for the help!

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    Welcome to Couples and double welcome to CSA! There is something go on every night at every Couples Resort. This is copied from another thread I found using the Search Thread link at the top right of the page:

    Sunday-retro party and casino night, jazz band at aura
    Monday- managers cocktail party, blazing pianos, top of the charts
    Tuesday-honeymooners cocktail party, blazing pianos, dance mixes at aura
    Wednesday-blazing pianos, steel drum band, romantic bonfire
    Thursday- blazing pianos, staff/guest talent show, retro night at aura
    Friday- beach party, Latin dance and Caribbean flavor at aura
    Saturday- beach film fest, blazing pianos
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    Activities Schedule:
    Social Schedule:

    From what I read here the cat cruise is like 5 days a week and heads out like 3:30 or so and back at sunset (?)
    Mon. is repeaters dinner if you are a repeater
    Wed. is Bonfire
    Fri. is Beach Party
    Sat. is lobster night (in season)

    Will be there 9/3

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    There is a schedule of most of the events posted here:

    They used to have the watersports schedule up that included snorkeling and catamaran times and days, but I don't think it's up anymore. I would think the catamaran times will depend on what time of year you go, since there such swing in sunset times due to length of day change. In July, the catamaran typically leaves around 3:30 and arrives back around 7, right after sunset. Of course we're going in Nov/Dec this year and sunset is around 5:30 then, so I would think it would get bumped back by an hour or so. You can likely just plan it as a 3-3.5hr trip that arrives just after sunset, whenever sunset happens to be when you're there.
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    thanks all for your help! we usually dont try and plan too much while on vacation, just kind of go with the flow, but we are meeting friends there this year, and only have 4 nights and 3 full days with them before they leave. there are certain things we want to do with them, ie the cat cruise and one love bar crawl. the others we can do on our own since we have 7 nights there. can't hardly wait! we will be there on sept 29th-oct 6th. we love jamaica, but usually go to more of a crazy,party resort so will be nice to have something more romantic this year!

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