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    Default CSA March/April 2014

    Sooooo excited - just booked our 2nd trip to CSA and can't wait to be struck down with sand gravity again!!!

    Last time we went last week in September/first week in October. This time we are going last week in March/first week in April. Can anyone advise how things are there at that time of year? Crowded? Noise? Weather etc.

    We already know we are totally in love with the resort and can't wait to get home but have a slight niggle that this is spring break and our paradise idyll may have suffered a teen takeover.

    Thanks for any help you can offer - last time i scoured this site avidly for months and, as we only booked today, I think I'm gonna be the same again!! 😎

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    We went to CSA for the 1st time this year in March/April (last weekend of March and 1st week of April) and are booked again for the same time in 2014. We did not have any problems with any kind of 'spring break' atmosphere at all. And this year, I think spring break is later for most. Even though I'm pretty sure they were pretty full, it didn't really feel crowded. The only problem we had, was with finding a float when we went to the beach. We usually arrived pretty late in the morning, and really had to search to find them. There were always plenty of chairs, but without floats.

    Hope you have a great time! We too are excited and looking forward to 'coming home'.

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    We go to CSA every April, but typically 3rd and 4th week. Weather is spectacular, and much more predictable than during hurricane season! This past April it was more rainy than usual; in fact on our wedding day (4/20), 4 out of 5 weddings were rained IN. Thankfully we were morning so no rain!! Great'll definitely prefer March/April! We'll be there later in the month 2014.

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    Thank you both for taking time to reply - thats put that little niggle to bed!

    We have never returned to the same place twice but couples swept away is going to be our exception lots more i think.

    265 days till we come home 😎

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    March and April are a bit more windy months. Other than that, we enjoy this time of year. Not much rain and nice temps.

    Life is good

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    Don't worry about spring breakers at Couples. You won't find the teen crowd at this resort. You may find their teachers but not the kids. We went to Csa and CN this year during our(Ontario) march break and yes the resort was full but never had any issues booking restraunts or any of the activities offered. Enjoy.

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