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    Default So disappointed...

    We were supposed to have been in Barbados right now but our flight this morning was cancelled. Now it will be Monday afternoon before we arrive, we have to take additional flights and spend the night in Miami. By the time we finally arrive, it's going to seem more like a long weekend I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth it ....

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    Serious bummer.

    The sunny side is that Barbados is a wonderful destination, it will be worth the hassle of getting there and dealing w/ all the airline fiascos.

    What airline cancelled your flight?

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    It's not. Just got back.
    CN 2008, 2009....CSA 2010

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    Hi vh2. Can you give details on your comment. Sounds like you were not happy with your trip. Can you elaborate?

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    Please share the airline that canceled your trip, and the cities you were to be traveling through.

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    that is one reason our travel agent told us to go with CSA when we were trying to decide between barbados and jamaica.said flights are more difficult to come by to barbados. sorry for your issues. that just stinks!

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    It was US Airways. We were supposed to fly from Cincinnati to Charlotte and then on to Barbados. They then put us on a flight to Dayton on Sunday at 5:30am then Charlotte to Miami at 4:10pm. We were then put on the American Airlines flight from Miami to Barbados on Monday at 10:20am.

    We changed the Dayton flight ourselves when we found a Cincinnati departure at 12:10pm on Sunday. (Not sure why we'd want to get up for such an early flight when we didn't need to, or depart from Dayton and return to Cincinnati.

    We finally arrived in Barbados at 2pm Monday. Due to 4 flights arriving at the same time and not many staff working, it took 1 hour and 15 minutes to get through immigration and customs.

    Now onto the good news, we easily found the Couples rep at the airport who guided us to the transportation for the 15 minute ride. Welcomed with cold towels and drinks and great hospitality. This is our 7th visit to Couples (we work our way around all of the resorts) and our check-in was smooth and our room ready.

    Last night was the manager's cocktail party and we had the opportunity to speak with a number of the staff. They were all very nice and as they all appear to want to provide excellent service are disappointed that things didn't start out as smoothly as everyone had hoped. I have every confidence that they are all working hard to bring everyone and everything up to the level Couples guests expect. At this point, I'd say they are close so don't be concerned if you're planing to visit.

    Off for breakfast now, as we've lost 2 days, don't want to waste what time we have left!

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    Well that just bites.

    We looked at going to Barbados, but flights are not easy and nothing direct for us so we're sticking with Jamaica.

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    Well, now we are here, it really is great. We were a bit concerned after reading some of the reviews but in comparing it to our previous six visits to Couples, we are definitely not disappointed with the resort or the level of service.

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