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    Default Tower Isle vs Negril

    We just spent 7 days at Tower Isle and 5 days at Negril. We found such a difference in the service at the two resorts that surprised us considering they are managed by the same company.

    CTI service was very slow and we found the servers to be more interested in visiting with each other than with the guests. Of course there were a few exceptions, Michael and Steven, both new trainees were very friendly and helpful. Ramon from water sports always had a big smile and we wish him all the best in his music studies.

    At Negril the service was wonderful and we found all personnel to be open and friendly. From the moment we arrived at Negril and were greeted by the front desk personnel we felt welcomed. We were so happy to be served many times by Omar Brooks, he had a great smile each time we saw him and we loved getting to know him a little. Nickeisha Lewis was also wonderful at her job and making us feel at home.

    We know there is always a difference in resorts but were very surprised by how much. We have travelled to many different resorts and usually have no problems with getting to know those that go out of their way to make our vacation special, it just didn't happen at Couples Tower Isle for us, so we won't go back.

    Couples Negril now, we wish we were still there and hope to go back soon!

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    We are here now, and service is amazing!

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    We've been to CN and CSS. Love them both for their different accommodations. Love them both also for their excellent service.

    We're returning to CN in 2014, and are already looking ahead to our trip in 2015. We've talked about going back to CSS, but we're also thinking of trying CTI. Are there any CTI fans that can help me convince my husband to try something new? Is there really a difference in service between CN and CTI?

    CN 2009, CSS 2013, CN 2014, CTI 2015??

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    We have been to CSA twice and CTI once. Both were similar but different. But biggest thing we noticed that CTI is smaller. One thing that we noticed at CTI is that several of the staff got to know us by name. I think that this was possible because the resort was smaller. They would remember things we like. One person in particular at CTI was a person who worked the Patio Restaurant, his name was Denville. He knew our names. He always had a smile. He knew what we liked to drink with our meals. He seemed to always make it a point to serve us. There were others on CTI who also knew us by name and gave similar service.

    We have not been to Couples Negril yet. However, I think that either resort would be a great choice. We will try Couples Negril in the future.

    We have our return trip to CTI booked. Only 116 more days until paradise.

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    Unfortunately there are a large number of trainees at CTI. We noticed a huge difference in service when we were there in October. Many times we had to serve ourselves water and tea/coffee at meal times, or asl someone to serve us. CTI has always prided it'self on going the extra mile with service, alas it is not so anymore. It is such a shame, I don't know why the trainees are not traimed well, like they used to be. We struggled to put anyones name down this year on the comment card. I hope this will be rectified shortly.

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    We always stay at CN and for almost 10 years now and we keep going back so they are definitely doing something right. We stayed at CTI for the first time this yr and it was amazing. We were there in February and loved the service, room, food, everything............If there were trainees there at that time we really didn't notice. However, it is a smaller resort so if you like bigger definitely do Negril, you can't go wrong~

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    We have always found the service at CTI to be superior to the service at CN mainly because of its size.

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    We have been to CSA 5 times, CSS 1 time and CTI 2 times...heading to CTI for our 3rd trip in 30 days! We went to CN for a trading places and were not impressed and had the bus take us back to CSA early. We really should give CN another try but we initially went to try the au naturel beach and it was a disappointment for us. We LOVE CSA, CSS & CTI...they are all different and each has things we love about it. Service at all of them has been incredible!! The staff has always been over the top at each!

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    We returned from CTI a few days ago and found the service wonderful!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kitkatnpat View Post
    We returned from CTI a few days ago and found the service wonderful!
    I think it is possible to have different experiences @ each resort. We were @ CTI in January & the service was impeccable. When we were @ CN in July, we were often not served drinks @ lunch & dinner when we at the buffet.

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