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    So our flight to Jamaica for Next May just became available through US Airways. Which is usually the only place we book through. But, I was looking at the prices and OH MY! What happened with flight prices. We went to CTI in 2012 and barely paid $1000 for our flight for the both of us. Now it looks like were going to be paying anywhere for $1500 on. I was expecting it to be more but, not that much more.

    We are looking to book our flight in September, my question is should I expect to pay that much or will it go down some? Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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    I have read on line that plane ticket prices go up in August and September because families start to plan their holiday travels when the kids start school. Try

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    Depending on where you fly out of the price should significantly drop! We go in September from stl and pay anywhere from $800-1200. We used to always fly with American but last yr they changed our flight to arriving late at night. So we booked us airways through united. This year booked American again for 1150 and again they changed flight time to late evening arrival. Changed flight to US airways directly and paid at 1k. We have no idea what will happen for next year as American & US are merging but we won't worry about that until next yr... If I was you I'd hold off for better pricing. Go to kayak and keep an eye on flight prices. Good luck to you both!
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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    Who knows; airfare is a roll of the dice and with us airways merging with American airlines your guess is as good as anyones.

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    I feel the same way. We payed 900 last April and it's running 1200 for next April. I'll wait.

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    We travel in May also and I book around mid Dec. I start seeing the really good prices by airlines packages around November. Delta is my airline of choose (atlanta) and I get good pricing through Delta Vacations or Funjets. I pay around 1525.00 per person for both air/resort for CN.

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    We already booked our flight for the end of April. Very rarely will the prices go down.

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    We paid around $1500 for this October. I think we paid around $1100 two years ago. Flight prices haven't went down since we booked either.

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    I wish I could tell you. I wish I could say that book it now and then you know you'll be good. That is the approach we took in March. Email on Wednesday sez, "sorry Charlie, but we decided to cancel your flight in SEPTEMBER, best wishes Spirit Airlines."

    My best advice is to go to flight school and instead of buying that nice new car, get an old Cessna 172 and fly yourself down. At least you will know the cost and when you are leaving. With the current TSA / Security and please arrive 25 hours before your flight rules we have in place now, you'll probably arrive close to the same time...

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    They will go down. We just booked for Nov and I paid just over $1000 for both of us. Paid a little bit less last year but I probably could have gotten a better deal if I had waited a bit longer. One thing I did notice this year was it was cheaper booking 2 one way tickets then it was to buy round trip which surprised me. We fly US air too because I like the early flight out of Charlotte to get us into Mobay before 11 am. However, I did book Southwest on the way home because I was not happy with the flight options for the return trip with US air. At the price US air was charging my only options were leaving early in the morning with 2 layovers. Add in the transfer and we would be lucky if we got breakfast before we left. Got a flight out of Mobay at 4pm with Southwest with only one layover for a little bit less than US air was charging which is much better for us.

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    We went to couples in march last year, and we started watching flights as soon as they became available. We were able to book for 517 each out of minneapolis, and they never went down after that. By the end, the tickets we booked were going for over 1000 each. This year, we are going in late april, early may, and tickets started at around 650-700. Now, granted, we are flying saturdays instead of a thursday saturday like last year. My wife had the awesome idea of searching for a multi city flight instead of a round trip. We were able to book a flight from des moines to mbj, with a layover in miami. The tickets are 618 each, so we are spending about 200 more than last year. However, we get to spend 3 LESS hours driving, save that gas money, don't have to pay for parking, spend a day in miami, arrive in jamaica at 1040am (!!!!) and not leave jamaica until 230pm (!!!!!!!). To me, that is WELL worth the extra money. That, and the fact that we saved 100 bucks, and have better times than the standard round trip options makes my wife the smartest person i know! Now, if only she felt as good about the cost of tickets as i do...

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    We are headed to CSA in Sept and found a flight from Rhode Island to Jamaica for 715.00 for both. Wondering if this is a good price or should I wait.

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    We paid under 1000 for both of us including taxes. US Air, direct flight out of Ph

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    Quote Originally Posted by JulRic View Post
    We are headed to CSA in Sept and found a flight from Rhode Island to Jamaica for 715.00 for both. Wondering if this is a good price or should I wait.
    I would be very happy with $715 total.

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    JulRic, $715 for both r/t?

    I would book that right now, we paid that much EACH for r/t in Sept on USAirways

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    JulRic, that sounds cheap to me, I would book quick!

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    I just looked up our flights for this Nov to CN and what we would be paying now instead of when I booked them in February. Cost was $1600 for our tix (SDF-ATL-MBJ.... decent times as well) back then. A little higher than what we paid for our March trip ($1200) which we booked kinda last minute in December.

    The same/similar flights are now $3200! So double the price. Wow.... I know part of it is that we are going Thanksgiving week. But still. Holy smokes! Glad I booked early.
    Linda & Nick
    CSA - Oct 2004 (for our wedding!!!)
    CN - March 2006, Nov 2013
    CSS - March 2013

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    Thanks everyone. I guess my 715.00 deal with AirTrans (southwest partner line) is a good one. Cant wait for Sept 8th!!!!

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    Thanks everyone for your input! WE decided to go ahead and book our flight. We didn't want to miss out on the early flight in and late flight out. I'm glad that we did because it is already starting to go up, we have already saved $50 by booking early. Cant wait for CTI in 313 days!!!

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    My husband and I are flying AirTran nonstop from Orlando (MCO) to MBJ for $608 both total round trip in December. It's a 2-hour flight. I just wish it left earlier than 11:30ish. We won't get into Jamaica until 1:30ish. This is the same price as last year. We are very thankful.

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    We fly out of Las Vegas and our prices have remained about the same...last year in April we paid nearly 1200 and this year (we leave tonight yay!) we paid just about $1200...we looked at other prices there was other flights that were about $200 less but we upgraded to have the earliest am flight into Montego Bay.

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